The Golden Girls Election 2008 Parody Video

What if each of the Golden Girls was played by one of the candidates. It’s worth exploring that through this hysterical video (found via’s blog, which called it the “funniest political video ever”).

See these sweet little old ladies with real audio overdubs by McCain, Bush, Clinton, Palin and Obama.



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  1. I’m going to a chest pre-op appointment at the V.A. tomorrow. They’ll give me the odds of dying on the table. I’ll tell them I’ve been dying to get out of Marshall anyway. This clip was as funny as my tomorrow.

  2. Okay- this could have been edited down, and I guess it wasn’t THAT funny. But still… there’s something so funny about how this show is every Gay guy’s dream. And here are these dried up prunes with voices of candidates. Common- that’s funny.

    Marquis- you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers during the surgery.

  3. I chuckled, and even chortled at a few lines. I think it would have been a LOT funnier if it had been a 2 minute clip instead of 4 though. Either way, I can’t wait until election season is over!


    You’ve got thoughts and prayers from us here too.

  4. Hmm, I see Nalts has thrown his hat into the ring of political blog posts! That’s neat! I hope he has luck finding videos.

    Woah! Wait a minute!? Does my name up there have a link to a political video about a John McCain cookie? How convenient! Everybody should click it, seeing as it’s there and everything.

  5. Man, I avoid this board for just a few days, and somebody comes down with a serious heart ailment. That sucks. Hope all goes well.

  6. oh wait a minute! I just realized what’s going on here!!! I didn’t read well enough before…

    Marquis, I seriously hope everything goes alright for you. My family has a history with heart issues, so I know how much they can suck. Good luck.

  7. mdj – make sure you write the name of your doctor somewhere on your body, so they can see it, use a sharpie and also write down what they are supposed to fix or remove.

    Good Luck!

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: video editing causes heart disease.

    Thanks for the concerns, folks. It’s a win/win deal for me. Either I’ll be able to get an erection without stroking out or I’ll finally get my ticket out of Marshall, Texas (if the ticket is to hell, at least I’ll get to see daddy again). Can’t lose, unless those V.A. doctors work on the wrong organ. Got my Sharpie locked and loaded, Jan.

    After the heart work, we move on to removing the head tumors. Then maybe something to get my left arm working right again. Neck, sinus and colon surgery would be nice, too. I’m having trouble with my feet. I should stop smoking.

  9. My ex-boyfriend might like this, he’s gay, as for me, I’m not gay, so this wasn’t that entertaining.

    dude, I am totally not making up the ex-boyfriend thing [/sarcasm]

    I have a crap to go leave, see y’all in a bit.

  10. LOL @ 16, 17, 18 and 19!!! My drunk buddies go home after a night of drinking, get onto the online dating sites and try to pick up disease ridden chicks and MILFS! I, on the other hand, come to WVFF and make crazy ass comments and try to hook up with grandma! LOL! Sadness.

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