HBOLab’s “Hooking Up” Web Series Debuts Today. Satire Ensues.

HBOLab’s “Hooking Up” series debuts today (see premier episode), and here’s a sneak preview of photos of the cast. There’s also a new YouTube channel with a trailer for the series at I don’t know much about the story because I only read my own short scenes with Michael Buckley. The plot revolves around relationships in a world where most of our communication is electronic. Of course I play a professor, and Buckley’s a junior professor. SxePhil and Jessica (LonelyGirl15) play a couple, and I have seen some sneak peeks of their e-mail and Facebook flirting.

It will be interesting to see how YouTubers receive this series, which involves higher production and scripted dialogue — which they don’t often associate with some of these popular YouTubers like KevJumba, Charles Trippy, and  MrSafety. Being a popular YouTuber involves a lot more than acting (writing, directing, promoting, connecting with crowd, remaining topical, etc.).

In this web series, however, the YouTube weblebrities have little more than their acting to rely on. I, for one, felt completely out of my element. I’ve done stage acting before, and most of my video stuff is improv with script points. So I didn’t find it easy to stick with a script of a character I didn’t invent — and I’m kinda bracing to groan when I see the clips.

At least we had a blast in LA. I didn’t see most of the people at the HBOLabs set (the mock Bask University) since my scene involved Buckley alone. But we did catch up later doing the Retarded Policeman, and then a brief dinner before a red eye back to the East Coast to… be a marketer.

One thing’s for sure. You’re gonna find out what a bunch of fat asses we are when we aren’t vlogging directly to the camera, and don’t have the privilege of editing out unflattering body shots. Especially that Jessica. She must weigh about 95 pounds.

P.S. If you’ve seen the Hooking Up Trailer, then you’ve got to watch FallofAutumnDistro‘s biting satire of it titled “Selling Out.”

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  1. I think it would be funny to see sxephil and Mr.Safety hook up. The drama would come from the two of them fighting over who gets to be bottom first.

  2. Please let WVFF readers know as soon as the debut is available and where to find it. You’ve whetted my appetite!

  3. Phil was bemoaning that he wasn’t an actor so I’m guessing this probably sucks. I’m not a fan of the Cherry Coke; taking underground ideas and throwing them into mainstream media is like taking a leaf from nature and turning it into oil. I am that stubborn type, I still can’t get past the Office.

  4. Dahliak- it’s live now- the links above work. Go see Red Hoodie. Apparently Jessica (LonelyGirl15) demanded 25% of net proceeds when she found out she had to kiss Sxephil.

  5. OMG!!! I’m way too old to be enjoying this show as much as I am. This makes me feel dirty somehow, like reading my wife’s Us weekly.

  6. @7

    become (in?)famous on youtube, then ask. hold on while I figure out how many subscribers you have so I don’t look like an idiot if you are famous… ok good, you only have about 100 times more subscribers than me, that’s not famous.

  7. I didn’t say I would get hired, simply that the Fox brother and sister duo of Jamie and Megan just cannot compare to me and as such I SHOULD be hired.


  8. Just stumbled on this, damn i should read ur blog more often, sorry. Looks ok, not great acting though. Il watch purely for Jess though. Big lg15 fan here.

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