New McCain Girl Powns Obama Girl

Hey, common. Just a few more weeks of political satire, and we can get back to farts.

YouTube’s JenLuv37 convinced her grandmother, June, to play McCain Girl. This simple video, “Oh John McCain” features her singing “Oh Johnny.” It’s a celebration of the age gap, and a wonderful parody of the Obama Girl phenomena.

Seems fair game, though. Barely-Political’s Obama Girl has already tossed her hat into the ring of Sarah Palin impersonation videos with this “The Real Sarah Palin” video.




5 Replies to “New McCain Girl Powns Obama Girl”

  1. I believe it’s pwn, not pown. but what do I know? I’m just a 46 year old soccer mom who almost never gets on the internet because she’s too busy baking cookies, keeping her house sparkling clean and shuttling her little bundle of joy to and from flute and violin lessons.

    Wha?? What just happened to me? TOTALLY weird. I must still be hallucinating from those shrooms I did last night. Excuse me. I have to go pull Satan off the ceiling and put him back in his straitjacket.

    You know, one thing I’ve learned as a mother is that duct tape really isn’t that good at shutting people up the way they make it look in the movies.

  2. best Palin still, [click and click film] and before anyone even knew who she was.

    Obama Girl did an ok Palin she has the voice, got a couple good jabs in there and stole a few bits from other folks, but Natls captured her essence. Now kindly let it go will ya?

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