Facial Coding Expert Says Obama’s Ads Not as Effective as McCain’s

This Advertising Age video explains why facial-coding research (which analyzes facial muscle movement to understand a viewer’s reaction to stimuli) on recent political ads shows that Obama has an edge on selling hope, but McCain is more effective at a good mud slinging.

I wish I had a computer analyzing your reaction to this news, so I could determine if you’ll be voting based on hope or mud slinging. Because the face never lies.

5 Replies to “Facial Coding Expert Says Obama’s Ads Not as Effective as McCain’s”

  1. I’m not voting based on hope OR mudslinging. No, I’m going to do the American thing, and vote based off petty surface issues. We’re sliding into a recession that might turn into a depression. Nobody wants to know which candidate had the best grades in their college economics courses. We want to know which one looks more attractive; who’s younger and relates to ME better. Which candidate has the best teeth, the best speeches, and the best spin doctors working for him? That’s what I care about, because I’m an average American.

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