YouTube Documentary: “I Want My Three Minutes Back”

youtube film by chuck potterNewTeeVee teased us last month about first-time director Chuck Potter (thirdcareerfilms) and his new YouTube documentary, “I Want My Three Minutes Back.” Now the film has a website with a blog, the trailer and some more information about Potter’s efforts to get the new film into film festivals.

While it’s true there’s only a niche of people that even know what a YouTube weblebrity is (I’ve only been recognized once at LAX), the story is deeper. It’s about the struggles of amateurs who have “overnight success,” and their years of effort to turn online-videos into a passion-filled career.

I missed the debut this month in California, but I’m looking forward to seeing how Chuck tells this story.

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  1. Hey that documentary looks fun, mainly because it features classic YT names that even I recognize (I hardly even surf YT any more). But doesn’t that make it a little dated? Anyway, let us know if this tidbit goes into some sort of release (because I’m too uncommitted to track their blog). Thenk yew.

  2. This comment has literally nothing to do with this post, but I’ll ask it anyway.

    What the hell ever happened to Pixelodeon? They didn’t do it this year! I was in it last year! That got me a couple subscribers!

    So what is it?? Do I taint things that give me exposure??? First Flix55, and now Pixelodeon??? AUG!

  3. Too bad that the only people who will understand \that title are youtube junkies. I doubt it’s likely to get picked up at Sundance any time soon.

  4. @3

    it takes so long to make a feature length film, not sure how long this will be, though I’m guessing it’s feature length. that the usage of old youtubers doesn’t surprise me.

    no, if they were to use someone like… oh I don’t know, me, then I would be surprised.

  5. @11 no, sorry.

    if I were smarter, I would’ve added something like “subscribe to me” or whatever. Oh, wait, sorry, that’s something nalts would do. darned whore.

  6. Okay…so I’ll be the first to comment on that video.



    My pleasure to show her if you have not quite gotten around to it…MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Actually…no. It’s my day off. On my day off I tend to not think about your family…is that wrong? It may be wrong…but I don’t care.

  7. I got an idea over the weekend and wrote a script for a “Retarded Policeman” episode. Anyone know if Greg at MediocreFilms takes unsolicited material? I would just like to see it made into an episode.

  8. Do another blog post so that I can give you some more shit. I’ve got too much of it up my ass and need to offload it somewhere. Might as well be on you.

  9. Funny, I was just thinking about Hoovervilles yesterday. I wonder how many of us will be living out of refrigerator boxes this time next year.

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