Maria Sansone Made me a Yellow Pages Video

PopTub host is gaga over NaltsSo in this recent video discussing amateur versus pro content, I mentioned Maria Sanson. “Maria Sanson… she could read the yellow pages and it would amuse us.”

Showing that someone has either read “How to Get Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent” or is a quick learner, Sanson replies almost immediately with this piece. Stay for the whole thing, and dream the rest.

Someone find out if those Spas are in NYC. And if they are, Maria… when are we doing a collaboration video?

P.S. Sxephil and I got a note from YouTube explaining the pro/amateur content, and about how they’re neutral. It seems that if these pro creators are getting high visibility it’s because they have sponsors paying for premium placement or they’re just plain good like PopTub. Wait… I can do better than that for the PopTub press release: “PopTub is the best thing that’s come to YouTube since me.”

18 Replies to “Maria Sansone Made me a Yellow Pages Video”

  1. Ahhh! Perfect timing. I’m editing Jo’s 40th birthday party (from about 2 years ago) and trying to find a cute clip of us for the end of a video to parody my piggy persona. 🙂

  2. Maria almost put on as much flirtation as Katie Couric did in that one video where she’s dangling off of Nalts’ back. It was so strong I could smell it through my computer speakers!

    Feeling guilty Kevin? Had to drop Jo’s name in there somewhere, right? Good save! :o)

  3. You know what I’m going to say. And you know what……

    Ah, screw it. I tell you what Kevmeister, you just go right on ahead blogging hot blonds and getting them to disrobe on camera. Let’s make a deal: I won’t tell wifeofnalts you’re blogging all these hot blonds, and you won’t tell wifeofjim that I’m watching you blog all these hot blonds.

    Oh, and while you’re at it, can you secure the rest of that phone book video (or at least sections “B” through “R”)?

  4. @4

    I know you’re on youtube (read, “don’t have a life”), but come on! nalts is by far the most interesting thing in that picture, I mean, you never know what might happen next. he could come out of frame or something…

    if I had the stuff to do that effect, I would totally make a video of that.

  5. @8 – If you have any quality aftermarket editing software, you probably have the stuff to do it in your effects bin. Sometime I’ll show ya how.

    And you’re right, that would be awesome. And if one of my videos was playing on a hot woman’s monitor whilst she was disrobing…wait, I’ll stop there, since my wife reads these sometimes 😀

  6. @9

    really? I’ve looked for stuff like that in imovie 6, I can’t find it.

    however you run windows (BLASPHEMER), so you probably can’t help me there.

  7. @ 8

    Yeah sure Nalts could jump out of the frame, but what if by some chance, Nalts didn’t jump out of the frame, and her shirt ended up ripping right down the middle? THEN what would you be looking at?

    It’s things like that you gotta think about. In fact, that’s mostly all I think about.

  8. How come you can call the place where the nuns come from a nunnery, but you can’t call the place monks come from a monkery?

    I think it’s a little sexist and unfair not to give both genders equal naming to their houses of celibacy and prayer.


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