Maria Sansone’s PopTub Daily and the Future of Amateur versus Professional Content on YouTube

Remember Maria Sansone of YahooTV’s The 9? Yeah. The one that was flirting with me just two years ago?

She left the Yahoo building. But don’t worry. She’s back on a video site people watch. She’s got PopTub Daily on YouTube, and it’s already showing itself as fairly topical. For starters, she reviewed my Recession Commuter. And for me that’s like waking up and finding Gene Hackman and Charles Grodin in my kitchen making me coffee. I’m like woooooooooo!.

Here’s the episode. Now lest you think my review of this show is all about me, I need to point out why it’s going to succeed.

  1. First, it has Maria Sansone. She could read the phone book and we’d watch her perky style. As long as it doesn’t feel “outside looking in” the show will do well. In other words, it should review what is “highest rated” and not just “ripped from TV” stuff that happens to get a lot of views that day.
  2. It’s quick and it catches you up on interesting trends. I’m adding it to my RSS reader so I don’t miss anything. Like the Rhett and Skimpy Supernotes thing. This was only days old when she reviewed it, which tells us they were lucky or tape the show more frequently than weekly.
  3. Third, Maria Sansone is that girl in highschool that you wanted to date, but knew it wouldn’t happen. But she still made you feel like it was possible. Oh don’t get me wrong. We still love our Daisy Whitneys.
  4. Sxephil disses PopTub and other professionally produced shows because it’s the “grassroots shows” that YouTube should focus on because “we are the future.” (See 1:50 of this clip). Never mind that PopTub reviewed his show in one of the first episodes. This reminds me of the quote, “I think there is a world market for about five computers.” Thomas J.Watson. In those few words, the YouTube top 10 most-subscribed kid just gave the kiss of death to himself and other top YouTube amateurs.
  5. Finally, and most importantly, I think that the needs of early adopters of YouTube is radically different of those mainstream audiences that are learning how to subscribe and watch regularly. That’s not yet reflected in the “most subscribed’ content because it takes a very long time to overthrow the leaders. As new people join, they naturally go to the “most subscribed” to decide what to watch. Eventually, watch for the well-produced comedy channels (Mediocrefilms, Waverly Films, Wicked Awesome, etc) to overtake the individual guys with their cameras.

Note- that certainly doesn’t mean the 15 minutes of fame for amateurs is up.

In fact, Sxephil will probably have a half million subscribers by early next year. But while the early community was about the amateur with a webcam, the late adopters want stuff that looks a little more like other entertainment venues. The current rat pack of most-subscribed will survive and flourish if they can develop thick skin, reinvent themselves, and grow with their audiences. The winning amateurs will be those that rely less on the “I’m the everyday guy like you- let’s be friends” and more on the “hey this is short, funny, topical and clever content… join the party.”

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  1. Yeah Phil’s argument was kinda weird…first it’s “Youtube is about the grass-roots shows”… then it’s “the CPA is for paying to get your show featured is waaay off”…I dont’t know. Didn’t seem like much of a coherent argument to me. But then again the title of the episode was “Phil on Drugs”, so there you have it…

    Obviously, you’re one of the few “Youtube-cool-kids” to get it about what the mainstream crowd is going to be wanting to see

  2. BTW: you might want to re-check that quote by Watsen.

    from the Wikipedia Link:
    “Although Watson is well known for his alleged 1943 statement: “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers,” there is scant evidence he made it. The author Kevin Maney tried to find the origin of the quote, but has been unable to locate any speeches or documents of Watson’s that contain this, nor are the words present in any contemporary articles about IBM.”

  3. (surprised mode ) Wow! (/surprised mode)

    (astonished mode) Your program deleted my fake html code that was intended to make that statement humorous. (/astonished mode)

  4. What on earth can McCain be thinking (IS he thinking?) by not giving an answer about tonight’s debate, as late as the morning of? Tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of prep work are going into setup for that thing (including security preparations at the site). What a dork. How out of touch.

    When he stood up David Letterman Wednesday night, not surprisingly, Letterman reacted:

    If McCain doesn’t show, how can he possibly explain his flaky behavior to the undecideds and mainstream voters? Only evangelicals and nut jobs will see this as strength of character.

    I always say, presidential politics is the greatest show on earth.

    …if you’re going to delete me, delete BSON’s diatribe about tie-dyed t-shirts, this post is no more random – PLUS it’s topical.

  5. Phil and what’shername look over-caffeinated. I get the feeling they have to pee urgently and are racing through their material to run to the head. Or they’re imitating Fred. I could care less which. High-pitched, frantic voices sound like nagging to me.

    But congratulations on being featured, Kevin. You don’t get enough face time on other people’s videos. Not yet. But you will. 🙂

    Is that a relevant enough post comment for your anthropologists, Dahlia? Do you think they’ll catch the trolley?

  6. @6
    What on earth can Obama be thinking (IS he thinking?). Campaigning is more important than saving the country from a financial crisis? Call him if you need him in Washington. He’s really too busy trying to look smart to bother with his senatorial duties.

    Actually, Dahlia, I’m happy Obama is not going to help with this bailout. Let the banks fail and be auctioned off in a sheriff’s foreclosure sale like farm equipment, I say.

    But back to the subject of this post:

    “Watch me, watch me, watch me, watch me just one more minute. Watch me, watch me. I’m cute. I’m perky. Watch me. Watch me, watchmewatchmewatchmewatchmewatchme!! WATCH ME!”

  7. Oh yeah, next time you make an “inner circle” video I’m going to submit it to Poptub Daily as your greatest video ever with a subject line reading, “We’re not as stupid as you think we is!”


  8. What causes these comments? Is it auto generated or is it because it was linked to this post? Just curious.

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    […] Remember Maria Sansone of YahooTV’s The 9? Yeah. The one that was flirting with me just two years ago? […]

  9. @15 – It’s probably a bot that some attention-hungry blogger who shall remain unnamed as to protect Nalts innocence that posts related content in the comments to drive up the page rank on Google. The result is that hot blonds searching for these terms will see this blog closer to the top, and will be more likely to click the link, where they will be showered with adoring blogs from the site owner, enabling the circle of deprivation to continue forth in yet one more revolution.

    But that’s really just a guess.

  10. @16 Yup, it’s true, he is! Only his hardcore, deep, real friends know the juice on him. Hmmm, not sure if that’s a good way of expressing it or not! :o)

    @17 Thanks Jim, I figured it had to do with some kind of whoring out method, but just wasn’t quite sure.

  11. so, nalts, you just said “basically, everyone who’s like me [nalts], give up”?

    that was the entire point of this post? haven’t we known that for a long time?

  12. @9 I’m aware of my problem. And that’s the first step to help, right? Sukatra- love how you busted me on self promotion. Guilty as charged, mam.

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