YouTube’s Dr. Ruth… But Less Short, German and Smurf-Like

I was very careful in my headline to NOT describe Kicesie (Kicesie’s Closet) – see her also on SexHealthGuru. Rather I’d just contrast her to Dr. Ruth, the pioneer of sex-talk on radio. Kicesie is now bringing this “no beating around the bush” sex advice to YouTube.

I discovered her just now when I was checking my ranking on YouTube… and noticed I’m on top of her at the moment. But I have a feeling she’ll be on top of me pretty soon. She’ll probably stay on top of me too.

Honestly how can I compete with sex advice from a young blond woman? This is enough to make an old, faithful married man blush. Geez- my mom hosted a PBS show called “How to Talk to Your Children About Sex,” back in the 1980s, but it sure wasn’t this kinda stuff!

To be fair, Kicesie isn’t the actual name of the host. According to the YouTube channel page, “Kicesie is science mixed with interpersonal exchange. As a brand, Kicesie is a video production company, a media relations team, a research group and an advertising venue.”

YouTube\'s Dr. Ruth- Kicesie

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  1. I like you, Nalts. Faithful old married man whose mother hosted a PBS show on how to talk to your kids about sex. I really like you.

    I didn’t check out Kicesie because frankly, for me to need advice about sex, I’d first need advice about finding a partner. You got any channels like that to recommend?

    I’m going back to work (part-time) tomorrow. Wish me luck.


  2. @1-Good luck! (You’re gonna need it! 😀 )

    @Nalts – Three posts about young blond female online personalities in a couple days time. I’m seeing a pattern. You Know, my wife’s a blond. If she had 55,000 subscribers I’d bet you’d be on top of her too. Admit it! You’d blog another man’s wife! You’re such a tool.

  3. @3 I noticed that a while ago. which sincerely annoys me because I don’t always have internet access at school, and therefore can’t click the link to view the full page.

    on the other hand, I am sincerely grateful for not having wifi at school because that would make me fail most of my classes.

  4. I find it extremely annoying when somebody posts youtube videos only to direct you to their own personal website. Just one of my many pet peeves.

  5. On this day in my life exactly 8 years ago:

    A Crosby , Stills & Nash song plays loud on my car stereo:

    “It’s getting to the point (pause) where I’m no fun anymore.”

    I can relate to the middle-aged angst in that lyric. A dirt-smudged young woman, maybe 23, 24, is pushing a trash bag-filled shopping cart down Sunset Boulevard wearing NOTHING but skimpy panties and a half bra.

    Middle of the day. Busy street. Past thousands of eyes. Pushing that damned stubborn cart over curbs and jutting chunks of sidewalk. Clattering down the boulevard, half naked.

    She’s darkly tanned with dirt-matted blonde hair. None of the hundreds of Salvadoran bus stop commuters are paying her much attention. Crazy white girl. Someone else’s problem. Mijo, don’t look.

    This is Sunset Boulevard (east) , where people have enough of their own troubles to bother with some crazy white girl.

    She doesn’t look crazy to me. Just tired. Too tired to put on clothes or give a shit about people seeing her half naked. Just pushing that heavy cart full of shoes and shorts and last month’s laundry to some place of safety . . . wherever THAT may be.

    I start my Chevy’s engine. I’ve got a trunk full of freshly washed shirts and underwear and I don’t want any trouble, either. I’m homeless living in my car, trying to keep a low profile as it’s against the law to live in your own car and I’ve already been complained about in this neighborhood.

    Some old busybody named Mary complained to my friend Yoni’s landlord about me. She didn’t like me watching The Simpsons on my 6-inch screen TV in my car under the shade of a grand old tree across the wide, four laned street in front of her second floor apartment about 150 feet away.

    Seems she thought I might be some sort of potential threat or a portent of other car dwellers planning an invasion of the high trafficked neighborhood.

    I was just trying to get some shade.

    Maybe that’s what the crazy white girl was looking for, too: a little shade from the oppressive city heat (and vigilantes).

  6. Nancy Pelosi won’t be receiving communion soon after telling other countries that the Catholic church is ambivalent about abortion (why don’t you do a spoof on THAT, Kevin?), the oil companies are lining up for THEIR corporate welfare bailout and the gay community is preternaturally silent about the plan to put middle America heterosexual’s grandchildren in debt to fund low income housing in San Francisco for illegal alien crack addict queens and Renetto is making a killing off of lard.

    All is right with the world.

  7. This um (smirk) sex um expert um has (smirk) 63 um videos and um has already um caught up (smirk) with your 57,000 subscriptions um, so apparently um (smirk..position boobs) Youtube is um all about um, like quality, not um quantity.


  8. Dear Kevin,

    I hate your “genius” idea of having me do tie dyed pumkin t-shirts with your children this evening.

    I believe you are evil.

    SIncerely Signed,
    Your orange-stained babysitter

  9. Wow, BSON, way to make a permanent complaint against evil employer labor practices!

    Kevin isn’t so much evil as childlike. He doesn’t think through the implications of his creative impulses. So each creative impulse he has to learn about one at a time, rather than using his imagination to project what the likely outcomes might be.

    For instance, he’ll probably never suggest pumpkin tie-dyed t-shirts again. Whereas a less impulsive man would have just shut up and let you come up with your own genius ideas.

    On another matter, I have seldom seen even a WVFF blog thread get so seriously derailed by off-topic commentary (if you can call @9 or @13 “commentary”).

  10. LOL @ 16!!!

    Bomballos, coochie, snatch, Moby, sword, gonads, screw and nut.

    Hope this helps with your google searches Kevin. Thanks for playing! :o)

    Serioulsy, was this necessary? “… and noticed I’m on top of her at the moment. But I have a feeling she’ll be on top of me pretty soon. She’ll probably stay on top of me too.”

    Work it Kevin! Work it! Don’t piss me off or I’ll tell WoN!!!

  11. Wang. Wanger. Weinie. Split-tail. Joy stick. Derrick. Willie. Wanker. Ball off. Bang the banjo. Bang yer wanger. Bash the bishop. Beat yer meat. Beat off. Box the Jesuit. Choke your chicken. Chuff. Crank the cream. Dash yer doodle. Fire yer wad. Jerk the gherkin. Jerk off. Log in to boobtube.

  12. Well snap out of it. And you might as well start eating all that food you’ve stocked up, because I’m willing to bet Doomsday isn’t coming any time soon.

  13. Note that the substance of what was written in #10 (and #20) was not denied. And I agree with Nutcheese about sex. It’s beneath you, Nalts.

  14. @23
    You sure are a bossy bottom. You must be short. Short people think they run the world. I’ll keep my own counsel, thank you, and not muck up my life with what you’d gamble on. As Maxine would say, “Don’t believe everything you might think.”

  15. If ya can’t field dress a deer and pack your own loads, you’re gonna be pretty useless to the human race in a couple more years. Hide and watch.

  16. Here’s hoping this thread becomes preserved in the, I dunno, Library of Congress or something. If by chance an archaeologist three centuries from now should run across it, don’t you think they’d have an arse of a time figuring out what it all means?

  17. Nalts, your wife is hotter than Kicesie and classier too. I only happened on your site once and saw your wife hiding from your video camera trying to either catch her sans top or nippling or something like that… but she was a babe. I searched diligently to find something more revealing and couldn’t and would have been satisfied with 350 hi res closeups of her fully clothed. She really is a good looking woman.

    I hope all goes well at home.

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