Try to Top the Smile of Julie Nunes (jaaaaaaa)

She goes as jaaaaaaa on YouTube, and she has one of the most interesting acoustic sounds of online-video. Her melodic and happy tunes are often accompanied by ukulele, and her smile is contagious. Check out her latest “Tell Her This,” or her most popular original “Into The Sunshine.”

And if you want to see a fantastic harmony, try “Sunburnt Hand” (here’s the original by Danny Tieger).

Still my all-time favorite “Jaaaaaaa” song is her cover of “Buttercup.” If this doesn’t bring you out of a bad mood then you need a nap. Hang tight until 1:10 at least, as it gets quite festive!



7 Replies to “Try to Top the Smile of Julie Nunes (jaaaaaaa)”

  1. You call that smile contagious?? Even I have a more infection smile than her, and my teeth look like broken glass shoved into styrofoam.

    As you may tell, all of my comments today are coming off as very jealous of everybody on youtube more popular than me, but that is subject to change tomorrow when I am in a better, less “I wish I was Shaycarl” mood. But you wouldn’t care, would you Nalts? You and your billion subscribers just wouldn’t care about such a peon! NOT EVERYBODY CAN MAKE 700 VIDEOS YOU KNOW! UGH!

  2. Julia is my absolute favorite YT musician! If she posts overnight I wake up to that smile….sigh. She is great and has a very bright future.

    BTW I was in her first 500 subs.

  3. You’re right, she’s got a cute smile, and I’m glad you gave me the chance to meet her.

    Did you ever notice you blog about chicks a lot? Let’s see some guys in your blog. You know, I’m a guy.


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