SuperNote YouTune Contest by Rhett & Link

Rhett and Link is the comedic duo that uses its power of humor and song for good (marketing) not evil (political parody). They’ve launched a Supernote contest, and I’m not exactly sure how it works. But they made a video about it, and as a team captain I had to follow-up with my own.

I hope Rhett and Link will use all of the entries to create a song, but the official deal is that the winning team gets some prize and the longest note singer gets a song made for them. It would appear your safe bet is that ShayCarl will win — he has early 200 entries while the rest of us have 10-70 or so. Michael Buckley is in second place using his secondary blogger channel, and promises to use his official “What the Buck” channel if he needs to – just to seal the deal.

It’s interesting to see who can compel people to make responses. ShayCarl has two weapons: his midwestern charm and his relatively recent life to weblebrity status. He also begs for his viewers to join the team. I’ve done less one-to-one interaction lately, and that certainly doesn’t help.

In any event, time will tell if this is another forgettable fad or something that lives on like the “hug campaign.”


4 Replies to “SuperNote YouTune Contest by Rhett & Link”

  1. Aw MAN!! I didn’t even get a mention in this post! That’s the only reason I made my submission to the super-note contest in the first place! I didn’t do it because I thought I’d win. I’M NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 100!!!

  2. I’m still debating whether I should try it… or to get one of my singer friends to do it.

    I’m leaning towards one of my singer friends, I’ll submit it under you, nalts.

  3. Hi it’s Bobby J of Wicked Awesome Films. Hello Nalts, Fellow Team Captain. We probably have the least responses, but we pretty much never did any direct-address to the viewers until very very recently. So any Nalts blog-readers that want to throw WAF a bone, we’d appreciate it! 🙂

    This is the first time we’ve participated in a YouTube Community Event and honestly, it’s really helping us get some much-needed exposure. Maybe we need to do Punchy 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. I figure we should crossover YT talent in each of them.

    To give this some perspective, I’ve launched a second partner channel/online brand too – BOBJENZ – which I’m building up as we speak. 402 subs. Long way to go, but hey, it’s fun!

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