I’m More Popular Than Oprah (on YouTube)

I tend to be rather self critical, and focus more on the people better than me. So it was briefly comforting to see this VlogBrothers video where Hank celebrates being more popular than Oprah.

Indeed, I too take some comfort in knowing that the queen of all media, for the moment, has fewer YouTube subscribers than me.

Oprah: 41,469

Nalts: 56,797

Now this battle is officially over if she ever decides to tell her television audience to subscribe. Seems I don’t have a medium that can put an unknown author on the best-seller list in 30 seconds. And I make less on YouTube than her makeup artist. But still.

Oprah- if we did a collaboration video, I’m pretty sure you’re golden. How about it?

16 Replies to “I’m More Popular Than Oprah (on YouTube)”

  1. Now you’ve done it. Harpo Productions is releasing a press release today asking everyone who loves Oprah to “Go ahead and subscribe” at YouTube. Nice box you’ve got there, Pandora.

  2. I love that Oprah photo, we spent some special quality time with it earlier if you know what I mean.

    PS – Kevin, and you going to Southtube?

  3. I was going to mention that it’s definitely John, not Hank, in the video, but then it occured to me that it’s probably just a running gag about how you can’t tell them apart. πŸ˜‰

  4. @8Hank, John. Dang. I tried that time too. And Hill88 didn’t impersonate Britney Spears. And Rhett is the scary one of RhettandLink. At least I know Bert and Ernie.

    @7 Can’t do Southtube… no cash or time off. πŸ™

  5. Well you know what Nalts? I’m more popular than Ted Webb!! Take that!!

    (He’s a presidential candidate, for those who don’t know. At least I think he is…)

  6. Oh wait, I’m also more popular than Jim Gilmore, known mostly for being the first republican candidate to drop out of this presidential race. Pretty fancy, eh?

  7. hm… I’m more popular than most people I know in real life…

    however, I’m pretty sure I’m no where near popular enough to be compared to a real youtuber.

  8. I’m more popular than…um…than…oh man, I know this one….uh…I know there’s somebody….hmmm…

    Nope, I’m just an unloved, unpopular slob. Downright pitiable, if only someone with a capacity for pity knew who I was.

  9. “Oprah- if we did a collaboration video, I’m pretty sure you’re golden. How about it?”

    This is starting to resemble the years-long campaign by Letterman to get Oprah to invite him on her show.

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