The Uninvisible Man (with Daisy Whitney)

Sometimes you have to bring those industry watchers off the bleachers and into the game. Here we see Daisy Whitney in her amateur-video debut… The Uninvisible Man.

The TVWeek writer and host of New Media Minute was gracious enough to appear in this short video where I turn invisible… well at least I think I was invisible. Also appearing is Paul Kontonis, who heads up the online-video studio, ForYourImagination. We’ve seen Paul before in a few videos, including  on a panel screaming like a girl when I pulled a pratfall. I could watch that scream 1000 times and not fatigue of it.

While we were there we also recorded a pilot of “The Pussy Cat Review Show.” Needless to say, the low-budget show was immediately cancelled after the dailies revealed it’s a complete flop. Stay tuned for some never-before-and-never-seen-again footage.

19 Replies to “The Uninvisible Man (with Daisy Whitney)”

  1. Oh yeah, one more thing! What were you thinking!?

    “*** Win a free autographed picture of Charlie with his dead pet snake. By October 1, send this video to 10 people, and copy”

    You’re chain videoing now? I think the loyal WVFF readers should automatically get a picture. Just cause!

    Has it stunk up Charlie’s room yet?

  2. It’s interesting, although not surprising, that so few people were offended by your antics. In my experience, New York has always been a friendly place. People there always strike me as eager for contact, and very willing to engage in conversation or help out in little ways.

    I haven’t been to Philly very often, but it seems to me that your shenanigans wouldn’t go over as well there. Brotherly Love my ass!

  3. The stuff about New York was especially true in the mid to late 90’s, when NYC was just about the coolest place to be.

  4. Oh yes, I guess we should stay on topic.

    I would hardly call Nalts an “amateur” at this point.

    Consider these definitions I just found:

    1.A person who engages in a pursuit on an unpaid basis.
    2.A person considered contemptibly inept at a particular activity.

    Oh well, I guess he is. I kid! I kid because I love.

  5. I love Manhattan, Mike! Great town! Best city! Every time I’ve visited there I’ve met no one but nice, friendly and interesting people….

    ….except for a few douchebags who used vulgarity to cover their insecurity and lack of grownup vocabulary, but I think they were from Jersey.

  6. To be really technical, the definition of amateur is someone who does something for the love of the activity, and not for financial gain.

    Nalts is borderline amateur, because I think he still does these things because he enjoys it. This will probably change in the near future, where Nalts will subcontract his writing to cheap Mexican labor. Sure, the videos might not always be as funny (or in English), but it will allow him to do more videos, and live off this weirdness we watch nonstop.

    PS-I agree with Garcia – Send us all autographed photos. Our posts here are pushing up your site’s relevance and page rank, especially when we talk about current issues, like Palin and Obama and Marriott hotels in Pakistan.

    And we aren’t worth a single photo? Geez, chopped liver, anyone?

  7. All you needed to really be invisible was a cop saying with that typical Brooklyn accent “All right everybody move along. Nothing to see here. Move along”

  8. Okay- nobody noticed I almost went for her boobs. So that’s good. And few in NYC really cared that I was walking around like an idiot. They’re used to it. As for that definition of amateur- I don’t make enough money that it counts. And I’m certainly inept.

    I didn’t think anyone would notice the TP in my zipper. I don’t think anyone at the shoot noticed it.

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