You Don’t Have to Be Tina Fey to Get on CNN as Sarah Palin

I’m just proving that you don’t have to be Tina Fey (or LisaNova) to appear on CNN impersonating Sarah Palin. Yeah that’s me in drag (see Sarah Palin Exposed, which isย almost at a half-million views).

My parents are so proud.

I usually don’t know my clips are going to be used on television until after it happens, so thanks to those of you who let me know. I got a call from a former client who was in Germany and said he was pretty sure he saw me in drag on CNN. Mom says Biden has to be next.

WifeofShayCarl (Katilette) dominates Palin holding baby and gun, and it can be seen on SxePhil/ShayCarl combination channel: BamBamKaboosh. ShayCarl used to call me a lot, but then he started getting close with Sxephil and now I just sit by the phone and stare.

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35 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Be Tina Fey to Get on CNN as Sarah Palin”

  1. Why did the preroll stream so much better than the video? That was the choppiest, most annoying streaming I’ve ever seen. You should offer your consulting services to those amateurs over at CNN.

  2. Lisa Nova got a blurb in the NYTimes too. Damn you people! You’re popping up everywhere.

    Like the new video on YT. Keep visualizing abundance… We all just create our own reality, right? Great theme. Ghastly falsetto.

  3. It will never cease to amaze me how mainstream media can take a load of hilarious clips and make them seem trite and stupid. They just don’t know how to pick quotes.

    But regardless, congratulations! That was a really funny video of yours and I’m glad that all you guys are getting attention for your stuff.

  4. @10^
    You know the Montel Williams TV ad for that orange bus that drove all over the country selling some HMO backup health insurance prescription drugs thingee for po’ people? I see it on TV every day.

    There’s a closeup of a short, fat woman in a bright red dress. Her name is Kathy and she used to be my neighbor at the Crookside Country Club Apartments in the Wishire District. She ran floating poker games in her apartment every night. She moved to Los Angeles from Weed, California and is the only black hillbilly I have ever met.

    I see a closeup of her face on TV every day in that ad and think, “I’m doing this all wrong. If I want to be famous, I should go lay out in the street moaning ‘Hep me, hep me. I’m po’.” until I become famous like Kathy.”

    I don’t think I really want that.

  5. NALTS!



    gosh, learn my school schedule before you tweet, so long as I don’t have class at that time, then you can tweet.

  6. I think CNN was mocking you. I guess they don’t realize that you are a “Viral video genus!” You should tell them… just like you tell everyone else.

    Call your mother!

  7. @16
    459,000 views! WOW! So you’ve made…uh…carry the 6….uh….up to $286.87 on this video so far. Wow. That’s more than I will EVER make on Youtube from all my videos combined forever. Genuis.

    Vote for Obama. I want my cut of that $286.87.

  8. @10 you won’t get on TV, but you’ll get more hits on You Tube than Obama and McCain combined. Remember, when in doubt and your ratings start to fall upload a little bitty clip of Republican Texas Representative Dr. Ron Paul.

  9. better yet: Ron Paul in drag.

    It amuses me that TV makes these little clips, expressing their fascination with those cute online video producers. If they knew that one day, we would dominate the air and foorce them into extinction, maybe they’d fear us a little more ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. There was also a sXephil video in there. Well, actually a BBKB video, but Phil was singing. BTW, if you ever see Phil, tell him not to sing again. You have a much better singing voice, Nalts.

    I don’t have cable (yeah, I know. I’m the last hold-out in America), so I never would have seen that live. I loved that video and sent it around to all my friends. Probably accounted for 6 of your view.

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