RSS a YouTube Channel

Some of you aren’t regular YouTube viewers, but have loads of RSS (feeds) available via a reader. I use iGoogle as my reader, for instance, and I have a customized page loaded with RSS feeds from my favorite blogs and websites. Butterfly.

If you prefer to get alerts for new videos that way, here’s a feed URL you can use.RSS it, and you’ll have the latest Nalts video available without having to check YouTube subscriptions.

To change it to a feed of someone with talent, simply replace “nalts” with their username.

21 Replies to “RSS a YouTube Channel”

  1. This feature has been around for a long time, and you’re just now telling us about it?

    also, why this is useless (click). especially for me, I bring a computer to school everyday, I just don’t have internet, and I don’t use windows at all, so I’m not using the school ones.

  2. To your computer? Ha ha ha ha ha! That’s soooo 30 seconds ago. I had Google installed in my left rear molar and now I have access to the entire internet at a moments chew.

    The main problem is I get Nutcheese videos when ever I eat peanut-butter sandwiches. But they’re working on a patch. Oh and there’s that pesky security flaw where I get DOS attacks when I go to the bathroom. But hey!

  3. Then I tried it for sukatra and it logged on to my e-mail and online banking and then ordered a bunch of “Discont Oniline Perskripshuns”.

  4. Trying WhatTheBuck show only got me episodes of Top Model and Jonas Brothers music. Oh and something called “I had to have it” that I’m afraid to click on.

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