Dragging Daisy Whitney From the Bleachers

Those industry writers (you know the type) often sit safely in the bleachers and observe the insanity below. But what if you drag the journalist into the center ring? What happens?

What occurs when Peter Coffin poses as Whitney on a YouTube video? How does she react (see below). Does she use her TS Elliot wasteland of a YouTube channel to reply?

This Thursday I’m in NYC where I’ll meet Whitney, the online-video watcher who writes for TVWeek and hosts New Media Minute. Any ideas for a comedy video? I really want it to climax with me pulling her hair, and her shouting back that at least she has hair.

16 Replies to “Dragging Daisy Whitney From the Bleachers”

  1. “One of these days I’m going to give you all some specific lines that relate to the post. And then we’ll see if we can convince the media industry rags that there’s a vibrant audience of industry insiders. Or maybe I’ll just start writing about poop.”

    Give me some specific lines that relate to the post. I’ll give you a comment that you’ll never forget. You may have to delete it, but you’ll never forget it.

  2. Nice tits.

    I’m in a meeting right now. So I’m using my work issued laptop to pretend like I’m taking notes. Ha.

    I have no idea what the video actually said, as my speakers are off.

  3. Let me just state for the record that the real daisy whitney is WAYYYY better looking than the fake one. Man it must suck to have people make comments about your appearance, especially when you’re just trying to doing your job in a professional and dignified way. I apologize for my unthinking role in that.

    What???? I did not just say that. That was written by my cat.

  4. I am right now watching a commercial for a local theater (stage, not movies) and they are using sXephil’s theme music!

    @8: you are getting soft, sukatra.

    @4: I am sure we could all really screw with lines that Uncle Nalts would give us. But then he’d screw with our posts, so what’s the point?

    BTW, Nalts, I like the green better than the pink.

  5. Well dur she is better looking.

    She also isn’t really that bad, I just notice that almost every new media show is hosted by a hot chick. And most of the time they aren’t good, they just host it because they are a hot chick.

  6. Peter I looked at my You Tube Stats 75% are male.
    Hey, what do you use to stuff your bra?

    Anyone notice Bush, the democrats and republicans have destroyed out economy? Just wonder…

    Maryland your bak! goo two cee u

  7. @9 When are people going to realize that sxephil stole that song from the default loops that come with iLife on Mac! I can’t use it anymore because I get the “hey that’s sxephil’s theme song.”

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