YouTube’s Funniest Guy: ShayCarl

You know, he may be one of the most over-exposed YouTubers of the summer. But he’s absolutely one of my favorite YouTube personalities. Having met him, I can tell you he’s really centered and a wholesome family man. So that makes videos like this Moto Man (in which he spins his motorcycle around his house for no apparent reason) even more special. And his wife plays a perfect dead-pan straight man. Or woman.

How can a video like this not have millions of views? And what about “Chubby Kid Falls from Roof“? As Sxephil joked to me in LA, “when I saw Roof Ninja, I saw money.” Hence their collaboration on a new SxePhil/Shaycarl channel called, “BamBamKaBoosh.”

And who could forget ShayCarl’s wonderful homage to Nalts and his addiction to YouTube?

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  1. ShayCarl is just a funny presence, the only person I have ever broken the “no vlog” rule I have for myself based on the fact that when he talks, it’s actually interesting/funny.

    Thank God he isn’t all vlogs, though…

  2. I’m surprised he doesn’t have more views – maybe he needs a couple of play lists, here are a few suggested titles: me and the wife – me and my buddies – the hits.

    I think he’d play well to the family and christian crowds – though I think online video is considered trivial and a sin so maybe not.

    He’s got something, it’s hard not to like him, I mean look at his wife! He certainly makes the argument that women appreciate a sense of humor more than just good looks <— a backhanded compliment, such a dirty business.

    I think his greatest appeal is that he’s having fun and is able to draw those around him in on the game, that’s not only a talent, it’s what all monkeys crave. goin’ to the zoo zoo zoo you can come too too too…

  3. Nalts, you need a “General Comments” section on this blog. (then again, maybe all the post won’t have any comments if you do that. Except political ones)

    I, for the first time, saw an episode of “The Office” yesterday. I don’t know if it was a re-run or new, I don’t keep up with primetime, but I have to say it was freakin hilarious! They were at a dinner party at Steve Carrells character and his girlfriend. I loved how another two characters were trying to get out of it so bad! That’s totally something I would do. I know why you liked it so much, the comedic style is very similar to your videos.

    MDJ, glad to see you made it through okay.

    Oh yeah, Shay Carl is pretty cool…that roof ninja was silly funny.


  4. Jan, didn’t you know? For every degree of funny a guy has, his dick gets one inch longer. ShayCarl must be hung like a horse. And nalts must be hung like a chicken.

  5. Hey, ladies! Miss me?

    This is seriously off-topic, but I’m just so excited I can’t help myself.

    I just came in from a fantastic run. You know what makes an hour long jog fly by in an instant? Drink half a beer before you go out. Occasional twinge in your knee? Beer. I’ll probably need a six pack if I ever try a marathon.

    See ya. I’m going to take another couple of days off. I can’t bear to read your responses. I’m very, very sensitive and I had to go have a cry after you all were so mean to me before.


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