Minow Catches Sharks: Brett the Intern

How does a guy (Brett the Intern) with 778 subscribers solicit some of the top YouTubers to be in his collaboration? Persistence, patience and a pretty funny script.

This video includes cameos by:

(and me)

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  1. Ah, I remember when I myself talked to Shaycarl on the phone. It was then that I told him I had no clue who he was, and he made an empty promise to check out my videos. He never did…

    And I think I “Caught quite a few sharks” in my stupid colab. I mean, sure I blew it, and it came out horrible, but it had CharlesTrippy, Markdaycomedy, Nalts, and jawharp1992 (who unsubscribed to me for some reason). I doubt anybody in the video actually watched it, because it was embarrassingly awful, but still. I got the footage.

  2. I talked to ShayCarl for the first time when TheMightyThor1212 put him on his phone (after LisaNova) at some San Fran YouTube gathering. He knew who I was, so I wrote down his name and subscribed. Now I watch his latest hits… like the motorcycle in the kitchen… and think he could well be YouTube’s funniest guy.

  3. I like Shay especially, the dynamics between him and his wife. I think he has endless enthusiasm, I could see him crossing over to TV.

    “Persistence, patience and a pretty funny script.”

  4. I’ve gotta’ say, I didn’t expect a mention like this. I just woke up and saw this (and smiled). Thank you so much. I’m going to try and not seem like an overexcited teenage girl, but…OMG!

  5. Ah Brett, it must be nice to have an entire post dedicated to you. I wake up every morning hoping to find one about me, but never to any avail…A guy can dream, though, a guy can dream…

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