EepyBird Creates New Genre of Hyper Syndication?

The EepyBird duo shows that if you have enough talent, you can move seamlessly from one major promotion to another — without anything particularly unique between. Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz are the mad scientists behind EepyBird, a physical theater company exploring how everyday objects can do extraordinary things. They’re the Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods of online video, only they don’t play sports. And they have apparently had 40 million views on their Coke and Mentos experiment, but fewer than 300 subscribers on YouTube (the duo used Revver initially).

Here’s the latest promotion by the performance artists in a sticky-note experiment (not Post-It, mind you). Sponsored by ABC Family, Office Max and Coca-Cola, “The Extreme Sticky Note Experiments” will appear on ABC’s Samurai, and was arranged by social marketing agency, DigiSynd.

Said a press release by DigiSynd:

By packaging EepyBird’s new experiment, social marketing agency DigiSynd has created a new genre of hyper syndication — capturing the excitement and the power of original content viral video and bringing it to mainstream entertainment marketing, while maintaining the innovation and integrity that makes a video viral.

A new genre of hyper syndication? Where do I sign up for that?

Parenthetically, I have my own story about sticky-notes. In my first marketing role ever I was asked to lead marketing for Georgetown University’s Program Board. The group brought to campus such acts as The Kinks and Adam Sandler ‘n David Spade. (As a side bar to this parenthetical comment, Spade, Sandler and I had dinner at UNOs, and Sandler leaned out of my white Honda Accord and screamed impersonations of his Cajun Man. People thought he was a cheesy fake, but it was the real cajun man. Spade was sick and a bit sarcastic, but Sandler was really cool and gave us some behind-the-scenes of SNL because they were bit characters then.

Where was I? Oh-sticky notes. I once ordered sticky notes to promote the Georgetown Program Board (GPB), and it featured the GPB Nun… (an illustration by Dave Hagen of a GU bulldog dressed as a nun… you know, the dean who is now GU’s president eventually made the group  change the mascot to the GPB Jesuit because he didn’t like the idea of a transgender bulldog). Anyway, I cheaped out with a fake version of Post-It notes to save money, and the darned things didn’t stick to anything. So that’s my point.

Hey that reminds me… I met my friend Justin because he volunteered to hand out fliers for a pig roast GPB was holding. He’d walk up to women on campus and scream, “PIG,” before handing them the invitation. Man that was funny stuff. I once convinced Justin to ride a moped naked in the rain with nothing but a batman mask on. Missy Gold went to Georgetown… I wonder if I still have some footage of her walking across campus. She and I never met, nor did I hang with Dikembe Mutombo (but I did see him a couple years ago at a reunion, and called him Patrick Ewing “by mistake.” He laughed and corrected me very gracefully).

Hey that reminds me… I did a voiceover for a film by classmate Breck Eisner (Disney CEO Michael Eisner’s son), but he stopped returning my calls long ago so don’t try to use me to get to him. Is he still making commercials and movies? I wonder if I still have a copy of that weird video he made- I always warned him I’d be pawning it to The National Enquirer when he became famous. Who’s going to clean up all the names I’ve dropped in one post?

Every once in a while you have to remind readers that this is, after all, a blog. And bloggers are entitled to off-topic memoirs.

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  1. these guys are post its penn and teller

    “Life is beautiful work can be, too.”
    In an office? We all know that’s a big fat lie.
    I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for online video we’d have more office shootings.

    Who are those other people?

  2. I know Kenneth Starr. In fact, he did my performance review one year. This was pre-Monica. He’s actually quite a nice guy. Then I met one of Clinton’s lawyers (Greg Craig) on the metro and we talked about how disgusting Clinton’s behavior was but even so he didn’t deserve to be in a witch-hunt. I met James Carville on a flight from Atlanta to DC. He had no qualms about complaining about flight delays to the flight attendants. One time I walked out of an elevator to go home and Al Gore was at a dinner being held in the lobby of our building. Our eyes locked and I thought “why does that guy look so familiar?” He was hot back in those days. We had a moment. At least I did. His may have been a moment of terror. I had my hair done at a salon at the same time George Stephanopolis was getting a trim. We also had a moment. He doesn’t wear an undershirt under his dress shirts. And I met Eleanor Clift at a play at Ford’s theatre, and Mark Shields at a deli.

    Okay, I know nobody knows who any of those people are. When I was in LA I worked on a lot of cases involving celebrity clients but never met anyone of them. I wrote a brief in support of a restraining order that Jennifer Aniston needed to get some guy to quit stalking her. One time I stood behind Louie Anderson in line at the coffee shop next to my office. He ordered a LOT of stuff but was apologetic about how long it was taking. We also had a moment. Then everything went blank and somehowI ended up at his house where we screwed our brains out for two days. He has a very small penis, but his balls are the size of watermelons.

    That’s all I got.

  3. sukatra I know who those people are, hard to top. Well, except maybe The Pope, not the current one the last guy. Oh, and Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, NOW that’s a funny story… other than some smatterings of Royalty I got nothing.Hang on, I think I did see Carrot Top once at the beech once, but I could have been mistaken.

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