Sarah Palin is F’ing Matt Damon

What do you get when you mash Sarah Silverman’s “I’m F’ing Matt Damon” with this recent AP News clip of Matt Damon droning about Sarah Palin’s character?

This little video musica I’m calling “Sarah Palin is F’ing Matt Damon.” If you like it, it’s mine. If you were offended as a God-fearing Democrat or Republican, the video is ZackScott‘s.

I hope we can all agree — whether you agree with Matt or not — we’re a smart enough America to decide how to vote without the help of a movie star whose comments are less about the issues and more about Palin’s character. After all… this isn’t the 1930s. We can find Palin’s history with a simple Google search. Or there’s always the National Inquirer.

That’s what this video is about. It’s a parody of an actor making political commentary. It’s as nauseating as Internet wannabe weblebrities doing lousy impersonations of the poor Alaska Governer.


We think this is safe because it’s news clips and parody, so it’s protected under “fair use.” But if some maniac photographer comes out and DCMAs this clip, then see it on Metacafe. Or Google the title with “Nalts” and you’ll find it on another video-sharing site.

68 Replies to “Sarah Palin is F’ing Matt Damon”

  1. Oh boy, here we go…

    Matt wasn’t talking about Palin’s “character”. He was talking about her lack of experience. Go ahead–watch it a couple of times if it takes you that long to comprehend what he is saying. He really doesn’t “drone on” that long. The clip lasts less than two minutes.

    If he wanted to mention her character, he might have mentioned her stretching the truth about her opposition to the “bridge to nowhere” among other things.

    Anyway, it’s a free country. Matt Damon can give his views about politics, as can anyone. Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

  2. It doesn’t matter who talks about what, someone will always turn it around to suit their argument or position.

    It doesn’t take a God fearing Democrat or Republican to be offended by today’s political state of affairs all you need be is intelligent and American! Let’s face it that’s not a combination we find all too often!

    As for the parody or video I never watched it, I am just commenting on your comments! I do think it is far better to laugh at the ridiculous campaigning and jockeying for position that we are subjected to each election season.

    I love America, I have defended our freedom, and while I love my Country I fear my Government Democrat or Republican, they are all scoundrels in my opinion.

  3. Actually, I agree with MM above. He’s not impugning her character, he’s talking about her lack of experience, some of her beliefs that are squarely at odds with science (i.e., creationism vs. evolution), and whether or not it would be a good thing for this country to have someone with so little foreign policy experience to have access to the notorious “football.”

    Unfortunately he’s not the most eloquent speaker on the subject, but still, he does raise valid questions that bother me too. But you know, he is an American, so he’s entitled to speak about whatever he wants, even when he doesn’t exactly sound coherent. As long as he doesn’t yell “FIRE” in a crowded theatre, that is.

    By the way, I was reading People magazine today (yeah, that’s right, folks, I’m one fucking sophisticated bitch) and I think I figured out that Palin was actually pregnant when she married her husband. Eloped August 29, 1988, gave birth to first child “in April” of the following year. Now THAT’s impugning her character (not that I give a rat’s ass about whether she was).

    I’ll save my irreverent comment for your video.

    No offense intended nalts. You know I love you. Well, as much as I can love a tool, that is.


  4. Okay, what I meant was II can’t believe i wrote such a long COMMENT that is topical to the blog post (i.e., what you wrote). See, I’m already incoherent again. Me want twinkie.

  5. I was about to rail on how he was talking about her experience and outlook and not her character but I see it’s already been written here. I agree with MM.

    I need to know that she is reasonable about science – Dinosaurs weren’t here 4,000 years ago. If you believe that, you can’t be VP or President. Book burning is not good – if you tried that or pushed for it – you can’t be VP or President. How about what’s missing – being affiliated and speaking at the Alaskan Independence Party conventions? Yeah – they want to SECEDE from the United States.WOW.

    I don’t need a celebrity speaking for me either, but in this case, I thought he was a concerned and ticked off citizen. I related – I am one too. Obama’s campaign couldn’t have made this video for everyone to see and digest, and at this point there’s no WAY that the news media is going to ask these hard questions. I say wicked good job, Matty D. Wicked good.

  6. audio on this computer is messed up (nonexistant) 🙁 so until I get access to my other (desktop) machine, I can’t make an intelligent comment.

    that said, sukatra, you already had your twinkie today, no more twinkie left.

  7. Popcorn farts.

    Just give Matt the nuclear codes so we can be done with it. He’ll do the math.

    Meanwhile, in an unimportant part of our universe, the government is taking money out of veterans programs to pump billions into private mortgage corporations so that the mismanaging CEOs can be paid their multimillion dollar golden parachutes to invest in the next great taxpayer swindle.

    Give Matt the freakin’ football and two pots of expresso ’cause I’m ready to meet my Jesus. With or without twinkies.

  8. It amazes me, that as soon as McCain made his announcement, the Dems where all about experience, experience, experience! Well I ask you? On what does Obama base his level of experience? A meet and greet with a couple of “World” leaders. I don’t think so.

    People , glass structures and stones. Anyone heard about that? He should stay focused on his game plan. Someone needs to fire the person in charge of the daily Democratic talking points.

  9. I’m kidding, really, who cares what Matt thinks?
    Say, isn’t he a janitor?
    Sarah will never win anyway, she’s a women.
    It’s like what John McCain said about Hillary Care, “a pig is a pig even with lipstick.”
    Obama’s a flip flopper, a better looking John Kerry along with his good ol boy pick, Joe “Who?” Biden.

    What would we Americans do without Matt Damon? He’s a special CIA agent with super human powers, he knows what he’s talking about.

    Too many bad joke not enough time…

    The state of our political affairs is/are abysmal, both candidates and their choices suck! Roughly 6 weeks to a Federal Election, the economy is in the tank, we still have millions uninsured, several wars going on, we just sent half a billion to Georgia; Stalin’s Georgia- the other one, delivered by Cheney himself, sparking a new cold war, the other half billion soon to follow, we are bailing fat-cat-big-bank-elitist-crooks out while people are being tossed out of their homes.

    Matt Damon is all we have.

    One would have thought you couldn’t get any lower than what we got from Bush and the GOP and the DNC. But maybe this all makes perfect sense. Maybe this is what we deserve for allowing things to get this bad and go on for so long. We the people after all are the majority.

    Yes, we need Matt Damon.

    Hollywood is our royalty. More people vote for American Idol than in a Federal Election that charts our future as a people and a nation, what does that tell you?

    The majority of Americans want health care, fair housing, good schools and a just system, they could have it all, but I guess they just don’t want it bad enough.

    Yes, we need Matt Damon, to think for us.

    No one really wants to sit around the diner or coffee table and talk politics. Most Americans are being told what to think (test takers) because they weren’t taught how to think.

    Of Course, we need Matt Damon to think for us. What would we do without him?

    Thanks Nalts 😉

  10. Yeah, yeah…

    Keep on talking about how both choices suck. About how you don’t trust either one. About how it doesn’t matter who you vote for. And then end up voting Republican. ‘Cause that’s what you really want to do anyway.

    Isn’t that what you did in 2000?

    On this anniversary of 9/11, let’s all take a moment to remember how W and his gang failed to heed the warnings of the previous administration about the threat Al Qaeda posed.

  11. No fighting guys. This zhould be just a civilized difference of opinion. People can agree to disagree, even about politics. Can’t we all just get along?

    This is the real sukatra talking, not that bitch persona you’re all so used to hearing from.

  12. Who’s fighting?

    The choice is really about competence. It takes Republicans a while to get things right. Let’s look at a few examples:

    -As I already mentioned, it took somthing like 9/11 for the Bush administration to take seriously the threat Al Qaeda posed.

    -When the decision was made to go into Iraq, Rumsfeld failed to listen to the advice of those in the the Military that said we needed several hundred thousand more troops to get the job done right. Then we had to wait years before somebody competent like Patreus was finally put in charge of the mess.

    -We all know about what happened with Katrina. Gustav was handled much better, of course, but only because the situation in 2005 was handled so incompetently.

    Have a nice day!

  13. @16 wrong and no.

    Al Qaeda? bin laden isn’t on the fbi’s list for 911. The US was cutting deals with the Taliban until April. Gore won the election it was stolen. Though not that winning even Tennessee, his home state would have avoided all the mess.

    ” And then end up voting Republican. ‘Cause that’s what you really want to do anyway.Isn’t that what you did in 2000? ”

    Oh man! If I’m going to blame somene I wouldn’t blame those who were good citizens and DID vote, more than half the country didn’t vote and even less voted for Bush and all the crooks are still in power, GOP and DNC alike, if you want real change better get your ass out there and start working for it and stop blaming people for exercise their right, what’s left of them anyway.

  14. Also @ 16 No . I have only voted for one Rep for President and he is now dead. There have been several years when I couldn’t choke back the bile long enough to pull for either side.

    I have to agree about W’s distraction concerning islamic terrorism. I seem to remember the old cold warriors that he populated his cabinet trying to pick fights with the Chinese and Russians. Anyone remember the P3 Orion incident?

  15. Gore didn’t win that election. He lost Florida. Not by much, but he lost it. If people had any sense, it shouldn’t have even been close.

    I’m gonna do my part. I’m gonna vote. I live in Ohio, where Obama leads. If this state goes for Obama, he wins the electoral count.

    I’ve got my ass out there, responding to people like you and nalts.

    What’s that crap you first said about Al Qaeda and bin laden?

    Vote Obama! And have a nice day!

  16. Fair elections, campaigning?? It’s all a show, the GOP has one faithful follower, Diebold!!

    Every time you use an ATM look at it, who made it? DIEBOLD is emblazoned on it, and they make the largest percentage of the voting machines…

    DIEBOLD – they are staunch GOP people and were HUGE Bush Supporters, is it such a far stretch to believe they would rig the election for the good ole’ boys?

    I believe politicians believe in THE GREATER GOOD! As such will do ANYTHING for THE GREATER GOOD!

    I have to STOP now I am off to my Vet Center Anger Management Therapy Group, I shouldn’t even have started looking into these political videos, my therapist says I should avoid these things!

    Marquis is spot on, homeless vets while they bail out rich cat mortgage companies….

    Everyone living in houses bigger then they need with summer homes and winter homes and more then they could use for their entire families should be giving at least the use of their extra homes to homeless veterans!

  17. Everyone living in houses bigger than they need with summer homes and winter homes and more than they could use for their entire families should be paying the nominal amount in extra taxes that they would be under Obama’s plan–Instead of getting a huge tax cut under McCain’s.

  18. I’m talking about people who make 250k to 650k a year, who would be hit with an additional $14(!) a year in extra taxes, instead of a tax cut.

  19. Okay as much as the sukatra persona enjoys watching you guys diss the hell out of each other, the real sukatra is leaking tears of sadness watching you guys diss the hell out of each other.

    Off to nutcheese’s emo corner to cry myself into a drunken stupor. I mean drink myself into a drunken stupor.

  20. @23 Look I know that politics on these sorts of blogs can create a massive shit storm and a bunch of poo poo bad feelings, but don’t think I’m not ready to take you on CAUSE I AM! However, I am willing to eat this one for the Gipper if it’s going to muss up his Blog, see, because I know when I’m done with your political POV there will be nothing left for you to hold onto but a bunch of empty rhetoric.
    That I am certian of.

    [but keep clicking]

  21. Like I said before, why would Palin go Facebooking Matt Damon?

    I had this great response written up, where I blasted the opposition out of the water with my brilliant points and relevant facts, but I took a break, had a bite to eat, and came back to re-read it.

    It was at that moment I realized it was a brilliant post, but also a brilliant waste of time, because it was nothing those who would agree with my views have not heard before, and nothing that wouldn’t just add to the hate-fest some here are seemingly already hellbent on creating. We’re all friends here, united by our…our appreciation…mmm, nope…our, um…aw heck, we’re all here because we all know Nalts. And we aught to treat people with dignity and respect.

    Then it hits me. You know, that’s what’s wrong with America. Hate starts at the top. Obama makes nasty ads about McCain, and McCain makes nasty ads about Obama. More than likely, one of these two men will be our leader, the role model for our country and our spokesperson to the world, and what are they doing? Slinging mud like a couple of little kids in a schoolyard fight. It’s disgusting and a shame on both parties.

    What we need is a real uniter. Someone who doesn’t stoop to name-calling and mud-slinging. But then, does this country of immature, childish mudslingers really want a president like that? After all, it wouldn’t be representative of us as a whole. Either way, we may be screwed, and either way, we’re getting what we deserve.

    You know, maybe this year I’ll write in a candidate. Who knows?

    PS-I will say one thing MM – I loathe, and I mean LOATHE anyone who takes a tragedy like 9/11 and warps it around to make a political tool for petty bickering. Even if I agreed with everything else you said, I’d still loathe you for the pettiness and lack of respect you have for those who lost their lives. And that’s the numbed down version of how I feel. If you want to know my real opinion, you could grow a pair, and post a link to your youtube/facebook/myspace/blog/whatever page on your next post.


  22. Read Richard Clark’s book. Bush was asleep on the job before 9/11. It happened on his watch. It’s important to remember that your vote does matter. It DOES matter who is elected. Incompetence can have tragic results. That’s why I brought it up. I’m not using 9/11 for any personal gain, like the Republicans have done and continue to do. I’m just stating facts.

    You can loathe me all you want. You can talk tough all you want about how you’d give me a rhetorical ass-whooping if you weren’t such a great guy. Your anger speaks volumes about your character. I’m not the one who has brought emotions and hatred into this debate. I’m just standing up for what I believe in. You can save your anger for the people that have really screwed us all.

    Have a nice evening.

    And I sure as hell don’t need some hot-head knowing my name and email, so I think I’ll just remain good ol’ MM.

  23. “I’m just standing up for what I believe in”

    “And I sure as hell don’t need some hot-head knowing my name and email”

    hmm… that’s what you call standing up? ok fine, not wasting my time.

    “Anyway, it’s a free country. Matt Damon can give his views about politics, as can anyone.”

    Look pal, Kevin did a funny or not so funny bit on politics, depending on your POV, don’t like it don’t watch it. If you don’t get it you just don’t get it, again. You made your views known so now you can move on to greener pastures and good luck!

    And regarding your e-mail ip et al, umm, well, that’s just too late.

  24. I’m encouraging EVERY American Voter to Vote their conscious.

    Don’t be swayed by politics.

    Vote to express where you think the government should be headed.
    If you think more like McCain than Obama, more like Nader than Barr more like Ron Paul than Cynthia McKinney or any combination then you betray yourself if you fall into the trap that you should vote for the person you think will win.

    Your vote, in this country is still sacred, it is still yours alone, if you want it to be. That is actually practicing true democracy. If more people practiced their civic duty in this way we certainly wouldn’t have the dismal candidate we have today.

    No time to start like the present.

  25. I would like to believe that my emo whining has had some effect on making a bit of peace here, albeit short-lived. However, maybe it’s just because other people are sick of the shit slinging.

    I gotta say though, MM, although I agree with your politics to a great degree, I do feel that you have been extremely disrespectful to several people here. I don’t know who you are, but this is a blog of cameraderie, not flaming. Think about toning it down. Life is too short to pick fights with people you don’t even know.

    Okay, enough preaching from the real sukatra. sukatra the persona is back. Oh man, there’s been some EXCELLENT throw-down here, and I’m enjoying it immensely!!!

  26. Like I said, ya’ll can loathe me all you want. And people are given the respect they deserve.

    And you may know that particular email, ip etc, but I don’t feel the need to defend my “honor” or whatever by telling you more about myself. I feel comfortable enough being a good husband and father to my two children without getting personal with some people I’d really rather not know. Besides, let’s not ruin the mystery!

    I’ve given you my two cents, and you’ve loved it! Admit it.

  27. And yes, 35, It would be good for people to be conscious when they vote. Or did you mean “conscience”?

    Oops–was that disrespectful?

  28. Bawk bawk bawk balk. I smell Colonel Sanders. That’s what’s wrong with this country. Too many cowards trying to run it. Standing up for what you believe in but hiding behind internet anonymity is like fighting for peace or fcking for virginity.

  29. That’s all you guys got left, isn’t it? Attacking me personally. Never mind my message, which is brilliant and above reproach! Ha! Losers!

  30. LMAO @ NutSack being the one to say “Standing up for what you believe in but hiding behind internet anonymity is like fighting for peace or fcking for virginity”.

    Does anyone else see the irony here?

  31. hey marquis we got us some road kill!
    this eatins’ or only good nuff fer th’ buzzards?

    I was about to say that you came pretty close to putting the conversation back on track, but then you went and dun blew your load all over the nice clean floor. Oh, well better luck next time.

    for the rest of yous [click]

  32. At this point, even I’m sick of myself.

    But in all seriousness, if you go back a ways, before things got out of hand, I did make some good points. I don’t actually think I was disrespectful. And I wasn’t looking to pick a fight.

    Now everyone rejoice, because I am going to force myself to stay away from this blog a while.

  33. @39:

    (and since no one else has responded with it)

    in response to your whole “fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity”

    yeah, well, how else are you going to make more virgins?

  34. As long as we are arguing amongst each other we are not paying attention to what the criminals (politicians) are doing. We have let them walk away with many of our civil liberties.

    This isn’t a democrat v republican problem, they are both equally to blame and equally as evil.

    We need to support a third party candidate who brings the “outsider” politics Palin & Obama only pretend to bring to the table.

    We need to STOP the White Male Power Machine which has failed the people time and time again.

    I am not a skeptic or cynical I have faced reality while we may have the best system in the World, it isn’t any good as long as it’s broken and we the people refuse to fix it!

  35. @43:

    you are absolutely right.



    If I ever run for president, just… find some way to make me see the light again.

    another problem with that, by then I’ll be 36, so it’ll be brindle36 for president.

  36. I am SICK of celebs telling us their voting opinions! Do they really think we care what they say and they are the Pied Piper and we are going to follow their lead and vote that way too? Big heads!

  37. @53 this is the US everyone is allowed an opinion. Flip the station or tell the media to spend more time talking about the real issues with all the candidates or blame Zack Scott.

  38. @47

    now THAT’s a mea culpa!! If you go way back up to the top, you’ll see that I actually agreed with your first comment. I just felt the tone was getting out of hand. But with 47 you made me laugh. Thanks for that

  39. P.S. I love jischinger. If she’s a woman, that means I’m a lesbian. If he’s a man, that means i’m a whore. Or a stalker.

    Gee, I wonder what jan is wearing . . .

  40. Well, all I can say is, I don’t visit the blog for a few days and you all stoop to yelling at each other and name-calling. We used to be such a friendly bunch.

    @39: sukatra, that was very astute.

    @57: I think Jan is female. You already stalk NutCheese, so I guess that makes you a lesbian.

    But I still love you!

  41. I think your comment about him being a celebrity implies somehow that his comments or concerns are of no value or importance to the national discussion of who might be our next President. What difference does make if he’s a celebrity? What if he was some guy like you who makes funny little parody videos…should your thoughts on our next President or about Matt Damon be ignored or labled useless jut because you make videos on your own time, and you don’t work at CNN or something? Hogwash reasoning! If I think your comments are pointless, or groundless or are misguided…it’s because of what your comments convey irrespective of your profession or hobbies.
    By the way…i do think Matt Damon was spot on! Your video was funny as well…thanks!

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