Amateur Versus Professional Content: BlahGirls Versus ClipCritics

And in round 256 of WillVideoForFood’s “Amateur Versus Professional Content,” Ashton Kutcher’s BlahGirls goes to battle with YouTube’s Clip Critics.

The boxers take their positions for what’s sure to be the battle of the… oh, dang.

BlahGirls is down for the count. And the trophy goes to Clip Critics!

14 Replies to “Amateur Versus Professional Content: BlahGirls Versus ClipCritics”

  1. Glad to see the Clip Critics getting some well deserved attention.

    Capt.. Chuck & Zoran have created an excellent show that does indeed deliver a K.O. to crap like “Blah Girls”. It’s great that the pros (and semi-pros like Mr. Demi Moore) have more interest in the medium (see and geminidivision – to name the most current) because this brings the money.

    It’s just funny to see them getting schooled by the “amateurs”

  2. I wanted to see the episode with chris hansen’s head that you included above. You pulled a bait and switch, kevin. Just remember.kevin, Karma’s a bitch.

    And so am I!!!!!!! Had to say it before the rest of you chimed in.

  3. Oh yeah, and the blahgirls thing was the dumbest video I’ve ever seen. Except for the part that said “spooning leads to forking.” Although I doubt that’s original.

  4. Okay- now I know Hansen. Dateline. That reminds me of when Katie Couric called me Nantz by accident because Jim Nantz was at this television event where YouTube got honored. Then I’m walking to my car, and this dude says “hey Nalts.” I told him I recognized him but was drawing a blank. He explained that he was Jim Nantz. I still feel like a total idiot whenever I hear his name. Like one of those things that makes you feel like a TOTAL idiot. Sorry, Mr. Nantz. Me no watchy sports.

  5. never saw the blah girls, I think I’ll skip that one, but I do watch the clip critics, should I be admitting that?

    What I like most is they get away with a lot of stuff most people can’t and their commentary is, hmm.. well, how do I say this, full of morals? but in a what-sa-matta-you kinda way.

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