15 thoughts on “This Post Will Make You Hungry”

  1. “This is in honor of Jan, for her patience and persistence.”

    ahh gee um thanks, I think- I had one these “desert snack cakes” a few years ago and I ‘m conviced it’s why all of you voted Geroge Bush into office.

    btw Is this a Maryland thing?
    Most Europeans are fluffy, but not that fluffy.

  2. Ew.

    As somebody who is on a diet I don’t even think about those things anymore, especially since everything is 100% success so far. Lost 16 pounds in 2 weeks. Goal is 45.

    Screw Twinkies! Drink water and eat fiber! RAW FIBER!

  3. @ psychomelody

    Congratulations on your weight loss regimen. I’m so happy for you. Really. I am.

    Bite me.

  4. MMMMMMMM, twinkies. Me love a good twinkie before sleep time.

    Me want delicious goodness of yellow spongy product. White stuff inside even better. Me want to chew it up and swallow down to tummy. Will grunt with satisfaction after.

    Oooh! Me so sorry! That sounds dirty.

  5. I know… how unAmerican of me.

    : )

    And I wouldn’t bite you. You eat Twinkies. Transfer of calories and all that lot.

    (It’s only easy because I’m a single guy with no kids and the willpower of a stubborn dog.

  6. @3 OH YEAH. SUKATRA’S BACK. Not that anyone thought she had lost her touch, but that’s the first comment in a while that was a true LOL’er.

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