You’ve Stressed Daisy Whitney Out

Now you’ve done it. You’ve stressed poor Daisy Whitney out with your provocative comments on my recent post.

Look at the poor thing- she’s changed her hair, and the out takes reveal a near panic attack at the end. I’m going to have to invite her to do a YouTube collab with Uncle Nalts to see if I can help her find her happy place.

Daisy Whitney Does Gilligan\'s Island

We can argue whether Daisy is a Marianne or Ginger, but frankly I almost made
her Mrs. Howell after she failed to include me in the “top web video creators” poll.

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11 Replies to “You’ve Stressed Daisy Whitney Out”

  1. Hey daisy – boobs look great, but that hair style has to go. It makes you look like a 45 year old woman in a flashback to 1975.

    Oh yeah, and nutcheese told me she wants to do you.

  2. It’s OK, Daisy; sukatra makes fun of everyone.

    She even makes fun of me, and she knows I love her anyway.

    She made the best bastardization of my name, aslo.

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