32 Replies to “Sanford and Son Stole My Bald Decapitated Head”

  1. One of the cast of that TV sitcom (Grady) used to push his shopping cart full of aluminum cans past my Cochran Street bedroom window every morning on his homeless way to the recycling center. Sometimes I’d wave at him.

  2. You should have had them steal your package instead of your head. Oh wait, probably not a good idea. Wouldn’t have been visible in the photo.

  3. Please Nalts, I beg of you, stop updating so much. My Google reader is being overrun with 4-6 new entries every day. I feel like I’m being spammed. Is it possible to only receive your video’s through RSS instead of EVERYTHING! ?

  4. While Lamont and Pop fondling your melon is quite an amusing spectacle, I must correct you on one point:

    Technically, it’s not a “decapitated head.” Your body, having the head removed, would be the part of you which was decapitated. Your head, bald or otherly adorned, minus the rest of you, would thus be described as “discorporated.”

    But, as Nigel Tufnel said, “That’s just nitpicking, isn’t it?”

  5. @6 Kevin
    Yeah. After the show. Early 90’s. Conan O’Brien revitalized Grady’s career (life?) in the mid 90’s with a “Where’s Grady” series of sketches.

  6. @4

    Sorry, decapitated head is so much funnier sounding than discorporated head. And I don’t even want to know why you are aware of the distinction. Well, actually I do. Who knows that kind of shit??

  7. @11
    Although ‘discorporated’ is more technically correct, I prefer ‘disincorporated’. More verbish. Rolls off the tongue.

  8. @sukatra

    Ad writers who minored in English and try to make snide jokes but reread their posts and realize they just come off sounding snooty.

    Sorry :o)

  9. @slater

    i’m sorry, i actually thought your comment was really funny – just didn’t like the discorporated word as much as the decapitated one. I especially liked your reference to “your head, bald or otherly adorned” – not a phrase you hear every day.

    seriously though, how come you know the difference between the two terms? is there something you’re not telling us? If so, I hope you got it on tape!!!

  10. @sukatra…

    Dunno what came over me… I’m usually not so hypersensitive…

    I know the difference (and I’m NOT trying to be cute this time) because I’m from Maine and I read a lot of Stephen King. He’s used both terms in his books at different times.

  11. Hey, you big poofta! I just checked out the display of kissy-face in your newest video.

    BTW, I hope I never hear one of my son’s friends talking about my “package”.

  12. @24: I LOVE Talk Like a Pirate Day! My sons like it even more. They walk around all day saying “arrr” and telling bad pirate jokes.

    Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. School has started back up again and I am extremely busy at work. That accompanied by my insomnia has made me over-tired and uninterested in spending too much time on the computer.

    BTW: Did anyone even notice my absence?

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