Park Your Own Subdomain Free at (who needs TinyURL?)

ofnalts usernamesI don’t recall if I’ve ever announced that you can park your own free subdomain (username) at, which you can “point” at any website or URL. It makes that complex YouTube video URL (or other long URLs) short, simple, memorable and pretty.

I use it in lieu of TinyURL because I can link to my YouTube videos easily inside a Twitter post… and it’s fun to create my own name instead of using a random code on TinyURL. BTW- you can now park a vanity TinyURL name, but most of the good ones are gone. Alan (fallofautumndistro) already snatched! And I parked a few YouTube celebrity names, but had them point to other people’s channel pages. Moo haa haaa. Try Or

This free little OfNalts application was created by Tim Breslin (of Xlntads). Tim saw a lot of YouTube usernames starting with a word and followed by “ofnalts.” This was prompted because I needed an account for Jo and naltswife didn’t look right. So we went with wifeofnalts. Tim Breslin, while we’re on the subject, is the guy I tried to convince to create a multi-site upload tool before there was TubeMogul. But he blew me off.

Insert footage from “It’s a Wonderful LIfe”: Sam Wainright to Jane Bailey: Still got the nose to the old grindstone, eh? Jane, I offered to let George in on the ground floor in plastics, and he turned me down cold!

Where was I? Oh- Here’s how ofnalts works…

  1. You simply go to, and click “register” (ignore the username/password prompt).
  2. Then you put in your username (whatever you want), password twice, and e-mail address. But no worries- you won’t have to wait for a confirmation e-mail.
  3. Next you enter your long URL and hit confirm. Now you own
  4. Now your personalized [insert name] is listed on the bottom of the ofnalts page, and you can use it anywhere to redirect people to the complex URL. Note you don’t use www.

Sounds more complicated than it is. Once you use it once, you’re hooked.

And a subdomain on ofnalts is a lot more charming than the overused tinyurl.

21 Replies to “Park Your Own Subdomain Free at (who needs TinyURL?)”

  1. ahhhhhhhh it worked!
    I love this so much, my username
    phonetically” kitten to cat one two three four five” doesn’t roll off the tonge when i have to add that kitten only has 1 t becuase i typoed it and the middle to is a number two

    But not I’m hermione of nalts!
    I love this so much. Nalts, adopt me?

  2. I already have “FanClubofNalts”, but I didn’t set it up correctly. I should have named it “”, instead of “” Maybe I’ll try making a new one. Although I haven’t uploaded a video to that channel since the NAPPY days.

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