Best Sarah Palin Parodies, Spoofs and Satires

spoofs of sarah palinI’ll admit. As much as I laughed at LisaNova’s recent parody of Sarah Palin (Republican John McCain’s vice-president running mate), I also beat myself up. My own Sarah Palin spoof was done in haste as we rushed to visit the inlaws for Labor Day. So that gave me time for just one take, and sloppy editing. And I was so focused on getting the Tootsie/Dustin Hoffman part right, I let myself slip into a Southern accent instead of the Minnesota accent I was trying for.

But I felt better in seeing that I was among 10 videos and online parodies identified by Telegraph (a UK paper) in this article.

If I cared more, I would have marketed my video to a few pro-Obama blogs and discussion groups, but it seems as if they’re already starting to find it on their own (see Democratic Underground).

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  1. I considered doing a Sarah Palin video where I dressed up as her too, but somehow all of my characters tend to end up looking like some variation of Burt Reynolds. Sarah Palin would have been no exception.

  2. Reub,

    That’s okay, she sorta looks like him as is 😀


    Take it from a guy living near the geographic center of Minnesota – That was the worst Minnesotan accent attempt ever! I know southerners who moved to Minnesota, and their accents weren’t that garbled. If you ever want to see how they really do it up here, fly on up. I’ll give you a low low rate on our spare bedroom. How does 150 subscribers a night sound? For an extra 20 subscribers I’ll even let you use the indoor plumbing, don’cha know.

  3. Lisa Nova’s was good because it was actually based on reality. It was good satire. She’s also damn good at accents and imitations.

    Your performing skillz are actually really good. But the concept was, as usual, fuzzy and flawed. It was still worth watching for the imitation of that goofy scene from “Tootsie”.

    But really, who the fuck cares what I think?

  4. Thank goodness Democrats are stepping up and exposing the fact that women shouldn’t be in politics but should stay home barefoot and pregnant like what Nutcheese’s last video said. Women with families have no place in our governance. Gay women can run. That’s okay. But not mothers. Keep up the good work spoofing the audacity of motherhood!

  5. Okay this is getting a little out of control. Jackass I assume is kevin. Nutsack, don’t know who that is, and grammar queen, don’t know who that is either, but really, if you’re gonna be hatin’ on anyone in here (and personally I don’t really think you should) I suggest you hate on marquis. He loves a good fight.

  6. Can you imagine the Halloween costumes this year.
    Little girls carrying five babies and a shotgun wearing a black power dress with a NRA emblem, a American flag and the name of a hockey team. And dragging a moose as their candy bag.

  7. You made a small appearance on CNN again, Nalts… just minutes ago – with the voice-over saying: “There’s even the guy in drag.”

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