Cameos Important to Promoting Content

nalts on retarded policemanSomeone once said that a new blogger stays on his/her own blog, while a seasoned one comments and reads others. The same is true for video — appearing on other people’s videos is as important as making your own. Especially if that creator is more popular, more talented (which is mostly the case for me), or gets featured.

I was poking around via TubeMogul and was pleased to see the episode of “Retarded Policeman” in which I appeared has a 4.79 rating (out of 5), making this YouTube’s top-rated comedy of the week (and among the top of the month). It was also featured in YouTube’s comedy section (thanks YouTube).

This rating is surprisingly higher than The Retarded Policeman’s debut episode, according to TubeMogul, and tied with the recent episode with Michael Buckley (WhatTheBuck). See full honors below in “more.”

I think this tells us that the initial 24-hour period is most vital because it’s when the majority of the comments come in- and mostly from loyalists so they’re positive. Over time, other people find the content and rate the video down (although comment/rate far less frequently). I saw this with Mall Pranks, which has a fairly low rating now that it’s been paraded around on other sites. I’ve often wondered if it would help to turn off comments after the first several hours, although I suspect that would be penalized since the honor/rating is probably a function of views x rating (with an emphasis on the latter).

So what’s this mean? The power of collaborations and cameoss can grow your audience. In the past few days I’ve gone from 96 on the “most subscribed” to 90th, and added several thousand new subscribers (up to nearly 52K). This is due in part to MediocreFilms, part to MrSafety for his cheesy boob shout out. And the appearance in Matt Koval’sĀ  YouTube-homepage-featured video (YouTube in 1985) helped too.

I just shot two clips for collabs last evening. Me laughing and pointing for Spricket24 (I have no idea) and another short clip for Brett the Intern. Hey- forget my own videos. I just want to be like ShayCarl and pop up in everyone else’s like Michael Caine in 1970s movies.

Parenthetically, ratings don’t always translate to views. My recent video impersonating Sarah Palin is the top rated comedy of the day (TubeMogul says it’s a 4.62 rating), but received <20K views (I kinda thought the pro Obama folks would viralinate this one). Comments were mostly kind — except for those that assumed I’m a flaming liberal just because I wanted an excuse to dress up in drag.

Oh now I’m getting obsessed with stats again. I think I’ll go immerse myself back in Gustav coverage.

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  1. Collabs are cool, and it seems to be your new niche at the moment, but I miss the old Nalts. The “what’s up?” videos, where you would ask a question and I would answer it to myself! LOL

    Your coochie is getting a little stank my friend, tone it down a bit, or else it will be overkill. God forbid you be the Youtube has-been whore open 24/7 like 7-Eleven! :o)

    Ditto @sukatra 1,2 and 3.

    Where’s Loco Mama when you need her…now that’s a stank coochie I’d like to tap! Dirty ol bird!

  2. Watching TV news about how Hurricane Gustav is headed straight for us here in the Arklatex. Jeraldo mentioned “The Faith-Based” community’s activities to help out with the hurricane evacuation efforts. It struck me that nobody mentions what “The Faithless” community is doing. Shouldn’t their efforts be recognized, too?

  3. I am impressed with the pull you’ve got on YouTube now, Kevin. I clicked on recent videos and saw that someone had ripped your Satah Palin video and uploaded it 23 minutes ago. I clicked on the video and got the pink YouTube notice that the video had ALREADY been removed for TOS violation!

    Then I clicked on the dude’s screenname to see if he/she had ripped any of mine (doubtful, but possible). The new YouTube notice read that this dood’s account had ALREADY been suspended!

    In 23 minutes!

    I’m impressed.

    Sarah Palin Exposed
    Added: 23 minutes ago
    Views: 0

  4. Kevin, never become a politicians cause you’ll lose.

    RE: PALIN: Liberals only want to see liberals. Conservatives will say nothing and only rate you down, the nut jobs will say something racial about Obama.

    Now had this been Michelle Obama dropping babies at a press conference you would have gotten a ton of hits and a ton of hate comments from the liberals, probably calling you a racist bigot and insensitive. Conservatives on the other hand would have given you 5 stars and a lot of hahas and lols in caps.

    But, by far You Tube is liberal land, no doubt about that. Conservatives gather in small enclosed circles, preaching to the choir while staring aimlessly across the You Tube tracks shaking their heads at what they see as ignorant and sinful. Almost like in real life.

    Congrats on the RP though. Personally, I think the series is bigoted and insensitive, ignorant and sinful, so it has to be a hit. But hey what do I know, I’m an Independent šŸ˜‰

  5. I have a question that does not have anything to do with this post whatsoever.

    How the HELL did “Mall Pranks” get 3,000,000 views all of sudden??

  6. @marquis – no idea. Maybe they are afraid of your mother…. no, they are DEFINITELY afraid of your mother.

    @jschinger – I am also an independent. I like to call myself an extremist moderate, actually. Like, if there were someone to initiate terrorism over not compromising and attempting to see other people’s viewpoints, I would probably join them.

    Moderates are lazy, though.

  7. @4

    OMG! It’s too late! Here’s proof!

    Straight from Nalts’ channel…

    “Hi. I’m Kevin Nalts. I have almost 700 comedy-like short videos. I live in PA with my wife and four kids and I’m a marketer by day. I like cereal.


    You nasty skank, you!

    Maybe I’m just jealous that Nalts got some lip on lip action in this video. Hmmmm.

  8. @9 join mdj, you know you want to
    @17 ok rueby don’t do anything I tell you, understand?
    @18 who is Anderson Cooper?
    @19 you sound confused, er I mean libertarian
    @20 not until you brought it up… I just notices the extreme sexual tension between Kevin and the retarded policeman, it’s sort of creeping me out in a big way.

  9. Really Jan. You shouldn’t be calling him rueby. His name is robnickel. Just ask Mary Had a Little Lamb. She’ll back me up.

  10. Okay, I just took my mouse cursor (a finger) and stuck it up ponce’s nose several times. Then I stuck it up nalts’ nose. Now that their bodily fluids have been mixed, which one do you think will end up pregnant?

  11. I’m just sitting around here waiting for 1 am to come so that I can go watch that new lawyer show on TNT. Don’t mind me.

  12. @12 – You gotta remember, not all conservatives are like that. Some of us know a joke when we see it, and we have a sense of humor, to boot šŸ˜€ I mean, I went to the Renaissance festival this last weekend and when “Puke” from the “Puke and Snot” show made the joke “I rob from the poor and give to the rich…It used to be the other way around, but I went Republican recently” I still got a god laugh out of it.

    We conservatives are sorta like lawyers: It’s just the 98% of the bad ones give the 2% of the rest of us a bad reputation.

    Of course, when I stop to think about it, I’m probably not a real conservative. I mean, while I lean to the conservative side, I do tend to think about the issues, I know what the candidates stand for, and I never vote straight down party lines.

    And now that both conservatives and liberals think I’m a loser, I’ll mention that I was recently voted into the seat of President of Utubia. My acceptance speech is scheduled for tonight, and if my post here is any indication of my political prowess, I should be impeached by Wednesday. šŸ˜€

  13. And for something a little less political, I agree, doing collabs are pretty valuable. I’m part of one right now that’s brought me a handful of subs, and the Utubia thing has added about a dozen subs just today.

    I plan on doing a collab with Nalts, once I can build up the courage to come out of his bushes and introduce myself. At least his wireless internet is good.

  14. @ 25: only noobs vote straight down party lines, and we all know (or at least should know) that most people don’t actually do that. look at any election that has a 3rd party, it’ll split either democrats or republicans depending on how liberal/conservative that 3rd party is.

    lucky bastard, living on the east coast. at least I have Mr. safety only a couple hundred miles south of me.

    wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  15. @25

    Never, I repeat never, admit that you have gone to a Renaissance festival. Go if you must, but for god’s sake, don’t TELL anyone! That’s like telling someone “yeah, I went to a star trek convention this weekend. Yeah, I think my costume had everyone fooled! they really thought i was a klingon!!”

  16. I’m sorry. I keep sticking my cursor finger up ponce and nalts’ noses. It’s a compulsion. And it’s funny. If I could make a video of it i would.

  17. mdj ^ that’ll go well with the new google browser chrome. [click]
    Chrome? Really? Who works in their marketing department?

    @25 that sounds more like a moderate, see @19 šŸ˜‰
    Congrats on Utubia, what is that?

    @27 do not worship internet people, be a leveler.

    @<– who started that?

  18. We were talking about this video in stickam last night. Everyone said this was the best video you’ve done in a long time. And that was coming from people that can’t stand you!

  19. ^ I’m shocked! A room full of rabidly liberal left-wing San Francisco Democrats liked a video goofing on a Republican. Really. Amazing. Who’d a thunk it? Did you guys group orgasm?

    It’s “who”, not “that.” Coming from people WHO can’t stand you.

  20. @32 – The thing is, nobody really knows what Utubia is, exactly! šŸ˜€

    It’s essentially a group of YouTubers who are more interested in the community and collab aspect of online video than all the stupid teenyboppers and pointless videos (…Must…fight the urge to make a comment regarding nalts’ videos…). I was a little surprised by it, actually.

    @30 – I’m proud of my geek heritage. And I’ll openly admit to attending both Ren Fests AND Star Trek Conventions. Heck, I even have fun at them, despite that I never come dressed “in character”.

    And if NutCheese can be gay in public, I can be geek in public. So unless you’re planning on asking NutCheese & Nalts to go out on a date (which would actually make a hilarious video, fwiw), don’t suppress my inner geek! FREEDOOOOOM! No wait, that’s Braveheart. Nevermind!

  21. @31: I have been to at least one Renaissance Festival, an have been to several Star Trek conventions, one in costume. But I was a Bajoran, not a Klingon.

  22. @36: Just want to make sure you know that, although I am the Spelling Nazi, I am NOT, repeat, NOT the Grammar Queen. I am not THAT rude. Also, I didn’t know you had a dick.

  23. one nice comment means a lot! One mean comment and it takes several nice comments to erase the pain. I really liked your Palin video! I plan on passing it around in email.

  24. @40 and 42

    Oh dear. Just two more people in the world for me to worry about. Don’t you think I have enough on my plate worrying about marquis??

  25. @47 – If you think that’s something to worry about, I’m here to tell you that you’ve seen just the tip of the iceberg. We’re everywhere. Doctors, Lawyers, the people you work with and play with. They look like normal people, but on the weekends out come lances and shields, Starship uniforms and phasers. Oh yes, we’re everywhere! Mwah ha ha!

    @42 – I’ve always thought the Bajoran chicks are hot šŸ˜€

  26. @57
    From this year’s pick of presidential candidate, we know that the Democrats do.

    (I’m surprised Nalts would slap his core constituency–soccer moms–in the face with that Palin video)

  27. @58: I was once a soccer mom (well, actually a football and lacrosse mom), and I LOVED the Palin video. I am also proudly Democratic. And I have a sense of humor.

    @53: We Bajorans ARE hot. Except for our funny noses. I even made a Data costume for my son to wear one Halloween. This was not an off-the-rack plastic costume. It was a hand-made original. THAT’S how devoted a Trekkie I am.

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