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Last night I was discussing with Cory (mrsafety) the concept of doing a video for the audience or yourself. We agreed that an enduring motive was making videos that pleased ourselves. But it’s worth noting that many of my favorite Nalts videos never went far — like this video below with about 12,000 views after a year.

I’m not sure if I ever revealed the true backstory of these videos (there were 8 in this playlist, and some were a bit long but packed with quirky moments). A year ago I was working with NYC WLNY’s Flix55 as the producer and host of “Quick Flix,” a television show that would feature the best viral videos and be syndicated nationally. The station’s owners contacted me when they saw this video where I pitched the idea of a TV show packed with online-video favorites. The show and the website never materialized, but in the process I made several trips to the television station to cast a co-host, script the concept, videotape pilots and on-board a group of college kids that would be campus liaisons to promote the site and recruit talent.

Even though the show never saw light of day, the interns at Flix55 — who played my fake writers — were a blast. We kept having to kill cast members because they’d go back to school or leave. The 8 videos were never scripted, and usually based on a spontanious idea and improvization. Here’s my favorite because it’s funny and tragic.

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  1. I remember that site. Sad to see they’re gone now. I was looking forward to that show, mostly because I was going to beg you to put me on it. The series with the fake writers was great though, especially the episode about that one fan. =)

  2. I think this is why some people have secondary channels, so they can put their ‘pet projects’ up and not have the “wtf is this” type stuff going on on their main channels.

  3. I’ll never forget stupid Flix55. That was my big chance that slipped between the cracks. The only good thing Flix55 ever did for me was get my hopes way up for a while, and land me a 12 second Window in a Nalts video.

  4. That was a great seies of videos.

    I know exactly what you’re saying, about favorite videos not going as far as you’d like. My all-time favorite somecallmejim video, Mountain Dew & Cough Syrup, did okay, but never really took off like I had hoped it would. Of course, at the time I only had 14 subs, but still.

    I’ve considered re-releasing it today, but it was such a pain in the butt to get permission from Pepsi the first time around to use their commercial’s music, and with all the flagrant fake DMCA’s being thrown around I’d hate to cut through half a mile of red tape and post a video, only for some stupid kid to DMCA it to amuse himself.

    Ah well, *I* know it’s a quality production, and that’s all that matters!

  5. @7: I loved that video, somecallmetim. I thought it was very well made and funny, too.

    I also liked your videos, Nalts. Don’t worry, I haven’t deserted you in your hour of need. Just get the damn back fixed and go back to making videos, already!!!

  6. Shameless self promotion…blue “Nalts” hat in this video for sale on Ebay. “Buy it now” for 25 cents. Has some kind of scribble scrabble on it. I have no need for it now. :o) (clicky)

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