Messin With Sasquatch

prank sasquatch bigfootThe other day I got an alert from MySpace that Sasquatch had an update. I was reminded of a post I wrote 2 years ago about a “Messing With Sasquatch” campaign for Jack Links Beef Jerky. Unfortunately, the original 2006 videos are missing and the 2007/2008 videos are a bit over produced and make Sasquatch a little more vindictive than the first year of the campaign.

In the campaign’s infancy, the joke was based on people stumbling into Sasquatch — rather than being terribly surprised — deciding to play a harmless prank on him. In the end, he got the last laugh but it was subtle. In recent years, he chases people, smashes car windows, tosses people into trees, and knocks over golf carts. And the pranksters are less opportunistic and more mean spirited. There are hysterical moments like when he summons birds or chases bunnies. But I want to care about him not see him thrash mean prankster.

Brilliant campaign, but if it continues in 2009 I’d love to see a more human side of Sasquatch. We need to care about him, not root for his vengeance on dick pranksters. Maybe he needs a girlfriend.

Author: Nalts

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  1. It’d be cool if thumbnail profile pictures appeared with our comments. Peter Coffin figured his out (but I can only see it when I’m in the dashboard).

  2. Hey, Kevin. How about a review of Graspr, a new HowTo video hosting site with revenue-sharing?

    Or a comparison of the 4 HowTo video hosting sites who have signed on at Tubemogul? Looks like HowTo sites might be coming up.

  3. I’m not usually the type to whore myself out (ah, who am I kidding?), but if you think Sasquatch is funny, you might want to check out my newest video…

    I made it for the hype of all the rumors of a Sasquatch body going around, but it seemed right as that video hit youtube, all that hype suddenly died, leaving me with very few views, once again…

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