YouTube Documentary: I Want My 3 Minutes Back


yeah I\'m not as popular as happyslip but I\'m hotAustin Powers called. He wants his vest back.I Want My 3 Minutes BackHere’s a teaser for Chuck Potter’s documentary about YouTube. It’s called “I Want My 3 Minutes Back.” The original name was “YouTube Nation,” but the lawyers weren’t crazy about the first word of that title. And “Nation” just didn’t quite test well.

The release will be this fall, and I’m excited to see the interviews with fellow creators. It’s fun watching them when they’re not “on stage.” Just sitting there with Chuck Potter, who’s demeaner is so laid back you forget he’s holding a camera.

Phil DeFranco (SxePhil) conducted his interview with Potter weeks before getting scalped, but on the set of his next film (see trailer). I love that I’m sticking my photo next to the immensely more popular HappySlip and SxePhil (above).

P.S. That’s happyslip in the photo behind me. It only made Jo and Lemonette slightly jealous.

18 Replies to “YouTube Documentary: I Want My 3 Minutes Back”

  1. That’s a picture of happyslip, silly. And yes- that was Sxephil before he was shaved but right after he returned with Austin Powers from 1976.

  2. It’s about time somebody did this. It’s nice to see the real side of all the people that we know and love on YouTube. I get that from gatherings, but some folk can’t go to those. Can’t wait for the full shabang!

    <3 Kels

  3. Great. get all these twitterheads to leave inane comments on your blog. That’s just going to ruin it for us regulars who leave inane comments on your blog.

  4. I arrived here via a link on Michael’s Twitter as well (apologies to “regulars”). I agree with your humorous comments regarding Phillip’s choice of attire. Best of luck to you and Chuck’s film.

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