Online Video Reviews Likes Me

I’m in the process of positive change, and I deserve the best. That’s the mantra I’ve been citing this morning from my Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life“) book on tape. Go buy it via my my Amazon affiliate link, or get a gift card or some kind of crap like that. I’ve made $1.05 on the Amazon affiliate program in August! Amazon gift cards

What was I saying? Oh- Online Video Reviews wrote a nice piece about me. He liked my mall pranks video. Now that my back pain seems to have subsided, I’m feeling a renewed desire to humiliate myself in public. Any suggestions?

Man I like OVR’s WordPress template. I’ve got wordpress template envy. I deserve the best wordpress template.

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9 Replies to “Online Video Reviews Likes Me”

  1. I dunno Nalts, hows about that video with Spencer and the T-shirt from “pizzle” at the mall you promised about a year ago. That might be a good humiliation video.

  2. Here’s the best part of that article:

    “and If you’re interested in getting to know something of his more introspective side go check out his blog – his regulars (those people reading and commenting on blog regularly) are a hoot ‘n a holler too.”

    FINALLY some recognition for the creative effort we put into your cheesy little blog.

  3. Stop doing daily affirmations. They’re no good for you.

    Guess what? I have Internet in Hersey after all! Yay!!! Otherwise I’d be suffering from withdrawal.

    So I guess we are a “hoot ‘n holler”. Cool.

  4. Yo Nalts,

    I’m going to throw you a bone here, but if you make this into a video just remember, someday the family might call on you to do a favor for us, and…wait no, that’s the Godfather.

    Anyway, here’s the concept: Try to buy socks off random people on the street.

    You walk around looking worried, and then stop someone and explain to them that in fifteen minutes you’ve got a huge meeting inside (whatever the nearest office building is). The problem is that you had to leave the house without socks, because…(whatever amusing excuse you can pull off with a straight face). Then offer to buy the socks they have on their feet. Maybe even their shoes.

    If someone agrees and gives you a price, haggle them down and try to get them to throw in some free extras. (“Got any breath mints?”)

    I’d watch that video. Heck, I might even consider re-subscribing to you for a stunt like that.

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