Best YouTube Song Parodies

I just discovered this OneProduktionFilms playlist of YouTube song parodies (ones created mostly by YouTubers — not repurposed television song parodies).

Below are videos of my two favorites Jon Lajoie (who I want to be when I grow up) in “High as F*ck.” And the classic “YouTube is My Life” by Church of Blow.

Like my favorite film comedians — Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Chevy Chase — these guys have that combination of wit and low self esteem that goes together like chocolate and peanut butter.

But I suppose my favorite actor/comedian would be the appearingly more stable Charles Grodin. He can say more with a blank stare than most can in a monologue.

Speaking of Grodin, Hughsnews asked his viewers to tell us what movie star would play certain YouTubers in a film, and someone said Grodin. I felt good about myself for about 10 solid minutes.

Tom Hanks FatOther suggestions for Nalts included:

  1. A burrito
  2. Nathan Lane
  3. Jim Carrey on weak sleeping pills
  4. Larry Linville (Frank Burns)
  5. Charles Nelson Reilly (Match Came guy)
  6. Neil Flynn
  7. Billy Crystal
  8. Mike O’Malley
  9. Tom Hanks (no I didn’t post that through a sock account- maybe that guy was thinking about the beginning part of Cast Away).

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13 thoughts on “Best YouTube Song Parodies”

  1. This is semi-off-topic but a bunch of my friends up in your area (including AVGN) just finished a great Britney Spears parody called “Piece of Meat”. Check it out if you have time.

    Do you want me to add you as a contact for their future parodies and movies? They do really HQ stuff.

  2. Kevin you just reminded me how empty You Tube has been since COB last December, er I mean other than your videos.

    Here it is already the end of August and I have only a few viral contenders: Font Conference, Webdude, YouSuk@Potoshope and Bloody Immigrants (not sure that last one counts). Not even a musical number or an overall channel yet. Last year I had to struggle through at least 20 videos and 10 channels.

    Top three virals last year were:
    You Tube is My Life
    Here Comes Another Bubble
    Mall Prank
    Best Overall Channel Mr Deity (whatever happen to them?)

    Looks like I will have to create a new category for commercial video and channel this year.

    What have I missed this year?

  3. You know that guy in “I Am Sam”? Not the actor – the character. Yeah, that character would make a great nalts.

  4. Neil Flynn? Hahaha.

    Personally, I would also go with Nathan Lame for Nalts.

    As for an actor playing me, all they would have to do is use the kid from Dylan’s Couch.

  5. Oooh wait, I got a better one to play me. The skinnier less gay twin from that Zach and Cody Disney channel show. That’s definitely it.

  6. Oh… I get it… you meant songs about YouTube. You are excused from not having included my genius.

    I don’t have that combo of wit and low self-esteem, by the way. The wit stands by itself in my glory. SO I will never be a favorite.

  7. Hey Peter Coffin? Isn’t flavored cement pretty popular? My friend told me about that even before I knew you posted comments on this website, so I watched it, had a good laugh, and subscribed.

    Later in the week I would find that you posted many comments here, and then I was amused…

  8. That’s wild, Reub. Actually it’s not really that popular! Like 1,000 some views, not much.

    That’s awesome that you saw it though. Glad you laughed. Thanks!

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