Call for Wickipedia Experts

My Wikipedia listing is one of the first things you’ll find when searching for Kevin Nalts or Kevin Nalty, and it’s all out of date and incomplete. But I’m terrified about editing my own Kevin Nalty Wikipedia entry even when I’m just updating facts.

For that matter, I don’t even know how to edit the main entry or stop the article from being stuck in dispute over neutrality (apparently there has been some NPOV quarreling between CoolKid1993 and Jake Leanard (Djjackal0509). Jake has been listing me as an assistant editor for his blog called “Politics and YouTube in Review” blog. I wrote two short posts for it in 2007. And then I kinda forgot about the blog and haven’t even read it in 2008.

Anyway there’s a lot of more newsworthy information (see Nalts News) that has occurred since this wikipedia was written. Below is a screen shot of my latest YouTube stats. And for the love of God, could someone stop returning us to this awful picture of me from 7/7/7? I look like a geeky computer technician with uneven shoulders and no fashion sense.

Anyone know how to update them? CoolKid, baby? You out there? Help a brother out?

By the way, hopefully the subscriber base improves when I appear on The Retarded Policeman (turns out it’s next Friday not yesterday as I thought). Yeyyy!

40 Replies to “Call for Wickipedia Experts”

  1. As a fat chick, I must formally lodge my protest against your attempt to unfavorably compare your 7/7/7 photo to us geeky computer technician with uneven shoulders and no fashion sense. You look like a marquisdejolie in drag. Okay that’s kinda redundant, but you get my drift.

  2. P.S. Mary Land can probably help you with the wikipedia entry. Of course I’ll be paying her to put all kinds of inflammatory comments in there.

  3. Sukatra- I love the repetition of my uneven shoulders. Might you get that into my wikipedia? it’ sa medical proof.

    Marquis- everytime I see the banner I think about the moving cheese.

  4. According to that page, you did a video with Andy Dick! When the hell did that happen!?!

    I’m also surprised I’m still on there. Does anybody even remember the video of yours I was in? I don’t even remember the title…

  5. oooh wait, it also says you did a video with the lead singer of Paramore! That is the hottest girl I’ve ever seen!

    Either way, I’m willing to guess that’s also untrue.

  6. Good luck! I tried changing your picture a while back when you ask for help a long time ago. I couldn’t figure it out. I don’t like that picutre either…it doesn’t look like you at all, did you just take a hit of crack when the pic was taken? Hmmm?

    I also liked the older “half face” pic better too. You look like an elf in the new one. I’m waiting for your green velvet vest to appear.


  7. Did you just change color schemes, while I was commenting? I hit submit and everything went neon green!

  8. I know how to edit a Wikipedia entry, I think. I did it once, on one of my professors. Are you looking for someone to edit in the content of your choice?

    I ain’t offering to write the thing, though.

  9. I’ll pop over to wiki and add some in a bit. How’s this:

    “Recently in a blog posting, Nalts linked to a picture showing his inner mouth sores, confirming the online speculation that he suffers from herpes.”

    Will that work? Anyone? I can find other useless nonsense to add too, if needed.

  10. The Wikipedia entry on Nalts reads like a puff piece. How about a dryer style of reportage?

    I ain’t offering to write the thing, though.

  11. marquisdejolie, I meant my blog title as a rhetorical meaning……

    I meant any controversy I had caused on his Wiki page…..not what contributions he did write on my blog…..

    I did put on my post that he can always post at any time…..but I did not mean for the post title to be taken seriously.

  12. Why isn’t my blog on this Leonard guys blog?

    once you get the hang of the wiki it’s pretty easy to figure out.
    just open two windows, see what you like on the page window then find it in the edit window – C&P from the edit window down below the entry, then backspace and edit the stuff in between. Eventually you’ll figure it out, always preview first though and if you mess up you can look at the history and get what you destroyed or ask for help Remember if you don’t save in the end it’s not saved. Best to keep a copy in a text or word doc on your HD.

  13. oh please. You old folks act all high and mighty and stuff, but when you need a simple little thing like a wikipedia edit, who do you turn to? Us young-uns. psh.

    You disgust me.

  14. Dahliak is solving it. She’s going to author a better wickipedia entry, even if her birds go hungry for the day. DahliaK- you gotta get Loiuse Hay’s book that has a glossary of illness and potential mental causes. Don’t take it too literally, though. 🙂

  15. I would be more than happy to re-write the whole thing for you Nalts, except I am going on vacation tomorrow. If DahliaK hasn’t gotten it worked out by the time I get back, let me know.

  16. DahliaK is not going to rewrite any of it. Nalts lives in a fantasy world.

    Luckily, he sometimes shares it with us.

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