The Flowing River of New Media News: You, Blogs, Websites, Mainstream

The new-media news flows like a river. And you\'re the fog.When it comes to new-media news today, lots of rivers lead to the ocean. Steve Rubel (Micropersuasion) told me about this phenomenon two years ago when we hired him to speak at Johnson & Johnson, but now I’m seeing it first hand.

  1. I get all my news about cool stuff from you guys- the brooks of new media. You told me about Vloggerheads, Tubicide, YouTube partner earnings, etc.
  2. Then sometimes our news flows into larger rivers and lakes ofย  NewTeeVee,, TVWeek or Inside Online Video.
  3. Then it eventually gets dumped like landfill into the murky ocean… when it gets picked up by high-strung mainstream reporters, who surf these new media websites to find something to write about it so their editors think they’re hip. And damn what they wouldn’t do for the days when they could smoke in the office.

So in effect, you’re the fog. The rest of us are just shaping it.

Hold on a second- that’s a cool quote. I have to go write it down. Okay I’m back.

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  1. I’m digging the new twitter-like response to the comment thread… @jimmerSD- ambien aint lasting. I’m waking at 3:30 am. Maybe I should stop taking it at dinner. @jan: pink is the new yellow. @jason- I organized our annual highschool tubing trip. nothing like drinking beer all day and never having to move to pee.

  2. If I am the fog and you are just shaping me, you are TOTALLY falling down on the job. Gotta do better, dude. I would like a billion dollars direct deposited into my checking account. Now THAT would be some awesome shaping.

    Now I’m going to tell you a totally irrelevant story except for the billion dollar part, so if you’re not interested, skip to the next entry. Last week, when we were in Arizona driving all over the place looking at boring stuff (Grand Canyon, pfft), every evening hank would be fervently searching the sky for the first star. Then he’d sing “star light, star bright, first star i see tonight, I wish I may I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” Then he’d wish to be a spy. I kept telling him to wish for a billion dollars, but he wouldn’t budge. Little bugger.

  3. Oh, sukatra that story was so sweet it gave me the runs, I mean a cavity, I mean, oh, I don’t know what I mean….

    Hey, is Maryland the only one working here? Holy Cow, we’re all gonna starve!

    psst, Kevin if you want to create a real shitstorm make the whole blog black.

  4. ok, ok, your right… “sto picking your nose” makes much more sense ๐Ÿ™‚

    or is it “stop icking your nose”? ‘Cause that would be completely lucid

  5. okay, this is off topic (what a surprise), but kevin you need to be documenting your back problems so that you can do videos about them. For example, the epidural you just had would have made for some KILLER footage. Just imagine all the people on youtube who would pay to see a video of someone sticking a large needle into your body!!!

  6. I got to see 360-degree 3D video of my chest cavity today. They wouldn’t give me a copy. I’ll be radioactive for a couple of days. I should mess with the TSA boys over at the Shreveport air terminals.

  7. I wasn’t working today; it’s still summer vacation. I was slacking off today. Got a mammogram, went swimming, and started packing up the car to take my son off to school tomorrow. Then on Monday I’m off to the Jersey shore for a week!!! Yay!!! Except I just found out the condo we are staying at doesn’t have Internet access. I think I’m going to have to drive to Starbucks every day or I’ll have withdrawal.

  8. Studies show that people who shout out rude, inappropriate or intentionally shocking things in public to get attention are compensating for being unwanted children.

  9. Can I suggest that you put that quote on a shirt with a picture of Pipistrello crying underneath it? It makes no sense, but dammit, will it sell.

  10. The people on this blog only think about bodily functions; I guess we are all compensating for something. I’m pretty sure I know what the men are compensating for. Now the women……

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