Too Many Topics for a Headline

Online Video Reviews writes that Martin Sargent (Revision3’s Internet Superstar) is making a comeback. We like to think it was the star power of his guest last week, Nalts. Ironically Daisy Whitney, who I just fawned over yesterday, was the most recent guest. Marina Orlova (Hot for Words) also appears. Methinks someone in PR is choosing the guests or else they were looking to me, Daisy and Marina to show off our breasts for thumbnails.

Oh speaking of which, I hope you’re all guilty for dissing sweet Daisy Whitney in the comments yesterday (small boobs, fake blond and poor wardrobe?), only to have her come to her own defense in the comments. Your pennance shall be to watch her entire interview with Martin Sargent.

  • She raises a good point that as traditional media comes to online video it will add credibility to the medium.
  • She reminds us that some haven’t heard of LonelyGirl15 (so I haven’t gotten enough mileage of the fact that I borrowed her Visine recently).
  • And she says she won’t soon be posing for Playboy.
  • She helped me discover Mojo HD’s The Circuit (check it out).

Then again, it’s not like you did a blog post called “why isn’t she on TV,” only to have her tell you she… is on TV. Hold on a second. I gotta go fire my research assistant. Okay I’m back. Oh now he’s crying, the big baby.

Online Video Reviews may be worth adding to your RSS if you’re a YouTubeaholic. Anyone that writes about The Retarded Policeman and Michael Buckley (whatthebuckshow) is worth reading.

Hey folks! Three more days until Uncle Nalts gets kissed by Ponce on The Retarded Policeman. Apparently in a moment I don’t recall, I asked Greg Benson if he’d script me “making out” with Ponce. Byyyyye!

35 Replies to “Too Many Topics for a Headline”

  1. Holy Cow, I done made de big time!

    Thanks Nalts for the attention and link love. I have seriously got to get my reivew of you and your content published.

    I was surprised to see Marina “hot for words” get stumped by Martin on the question about where the word “geek” comes from. He is not as dumb as looks. And the tip about the Circuit is a good one – funny show.

    Can’t wait to see you on the Retarded Policeman. Hope Greg got you a better story than Trippy’s.

  2. Thanks for commenting The Critic. I have to say that Trippy’s was my favorite. I had the proud honor of fetching the burgers and two milkshakes for the climax. I know assbergers all too well, but it still made me laugh.

  3. Mojo’s The Circuit style reminded me of a longer version of another onli… oh, never mind. What I think makes Mojo’s The Circuit successful is the snarky entertainment surrounding the news, the sexual innuendos and the hot girls. Again, in this conservative male dominated industry they know their audience. The psychology of this particular episode reminded that what we remember best we see last. Mojo’s The Circuit uses three things to keep their viewers coming back, an average looking guy with two hot girls and wii bowling.

  4. Oh no . . . if daisy whitney is gonna start reading your blog and commenting then I’m gonna have to be nice to her to make up for the dissing. Bummer.

  5. Dude, your link to the retarded policeman is messed up. His channel isn’t theretardedpoliceman, it’s MediocreFilms. Thanks for turning me on to him, btw. Now I can’t keep myself from saying “byeeeee”.

  6. I can give you an easy tip if you’re looking for more views… and this whole shirt discussion wont even be an issue anymore.

    I’m not suggesting… I’m just sayin’. And btw… you totally set yourself up for that one. 🙂

  7. Dear Daisy, here’s a peace offering [click].Hope it’s not a stale rose. I’d like to say it’s from all of us here on the WVFF blog, but don’t count on it.

    You know, if you really want more viewers, wearing a Natls hat on one of your shows will probably crash all of blip’s servers. Think about it.

  8. Daisy- email me your address and promise you’ll wear the shirt when you interview whathisname from NBC or whatever.

    And nutcheese just wear the damned black youtube shirt I sent you and get back on the toilet.

  9. Okay daisy having seen you in the t-shirt, I see that your boobs are perfectly proportioned for your body (and I hate you for that). I’m just saying that the powers that be in television (and by that I mean men) are more likely to hire women with a larger cup size and fewer brain cells.

    Just the opinion of a man-hating bitch, guys. Don’t go all postal on my ass over that comment.

    And quit flirting with nutcheese. You’re just encouraging her to stalk you.

  10. OK, break it up ladies. This blog is out of control; again.

    I often wonder when Nalts reads the comments if he wonders how people get so far off topic.

    Actually, Nalts, you could just write “Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda, etc., etc., etc.,” and we would all comment on whatever we wanted to talk about. Sukatra never reads your posts anyway, especially if they are over 25 words.

  11. Nutcheese, you slut, leave poor daisy alone! Marilyn, I read ALL of his posts, even the really long and boring ones. I feel I owe him that courtesy since I’m usually shitting all over him in the comments. And by shitting all over him I did not mean in a coprophiliac way. Although who knows – he may like that!

    and marilyn, I do not care if I spelled that word wrong and in fact, I do not care if I used it in the wrong context or if it doesn’t even exist.

  12. Sukatra: You spelled and used that word just fine. I am, however, shocked that you are aware of such a word. Is there something you’re not telling us?

    Actually, forget that. You DO have an unhealthy interest in excrement.

  13. “In a blog post yesterday, Nalts revealed that his YouTube income dropped sharply in May and rose only slightly in June.”

    I swear you are all adhd [click]

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