21 Replies to “Measuring Video Performance (3 comScore methods)”

  1. Beach volleyball gold medal game on. That’s all I care about right now, and I’m not even a guy.

    I just like volleyball. And the Olympics.

    I have Olympic Fever.

    Oh maybe I’m just really tired from lack of sleep. No Ambien for me!

  2. How ironic that the video didn’t stream well for me. And I couldn’t hear it very well even when I turned up the embedded player’s volume.

    Irony? Or conspiracy?

  3. Conspiracy.. indeed… Time for me to get a new player for ReelSEO it seems.. not sure why the embed didn’t work either but agreed the audio sucks and the thumbnail.

    I would love to put a thumbnail of a Funny, Free, Cow, or even the thumbnail from Nalts “Funny kids photos” video but I figured Mr. Josh C. might not like it too much.

    Sorry folks 😉

  4. Hey Nalts – meant to ask you, is it that the javascript embed code doesnt work (cause I have had problems with it before in wordpress) and that you need flash (“object”) embed code?

    Or is the code giving you errors.. Just want to make it available.. Thanks for posting 😉

  5. And not a single person has measured the incoherence of this particular blog entry. Have our expectations of Kevin fallen this low? I weep for you Kevin. Weep. Yup, that’s right. My herpes sores are weeping for you right now.

  6. Okay, this blog entry is so incoherent that it has tainted my last post. It should read “mentioned the incoherence”, not “measured”.

  7. This blog degenerated a long time ago, sukatra. I’ve given up trying to correct Kevin’s spelling, and we all just comment about whatever we want to, regardless of the contents of Kevin’s posts.

    Hey, where’d Daisy go? IS she still stalking you NutCheese?

  8. @14: clean your ears out.


    and, so, there I was, right, and I totally saw this dude that was just, gardening, man. A dude gardening?! Who Gardens?!

  9. brindle16 formally brindle 15 – I just watched your video and it’s clear you are not paying attention here in class. Get with the program and clean it up or mdj will do it for you.

  10. Kevin:
    You think your aphthous ulcer is bad? Check out my poison ivy (click).

    I am extremely allergic. Got it at my in-laws house almost 2 weeks ago. Didn’t know it was poison ivy; thought it was a bug bite and scratched the shit out of it and made it much worse. It is actually all over my legs, but this is the worst bit.

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