Parodies of Annoying YouTubers

Thanks to yesterday’s comments section (marquisdejolie) I’ve discovered YouTubeicide. It was going to allow it to be a quiet guilty pleasure since it’s somewhat macabre. But this parody of Michael Buckley (Whatthebuckshow) was simply too good to pass on.

Screw Retarded Policeman. I won’t feel like I’ve “made it” until these guys rip me a new hole.

Speaking of hole, I went to a friend’s mom’s funeral the other weekend. As I kneeled to pay respect to her, people noticed the 3-inch hole in my pants bottom. I’m talking about an L shaped rip that you could put a Rubick’s cube through.

Come to think of it, maybe that yellow square wasn’t corn in the toilet.

12 Replies to “Parodies of Annoying YouTubers”

  1. Sadly, my stuff is too diverse in subject matter to be satirized, though someone stumbling over my body of work recently would think I’ve got a momma fetish (click).

  2. mdj – you don’t?

    Kevin I think a parody on YouTubeicide about your videos would be great! The only reason he hasn’t done it so far is because he must be a HUGE fan. Still, I say let’s all plan his death after watching a Nalts video. Currently, he has shot himself, hung himself, drilled a hole in his head, so what’s left? Overdosing, driving off a cliff at high speed…

  3. I loved YouTubicide after marquis mentioned it and immediately watched all 6 of his videos and subscribed. I was hoping to find a Nalts parody in there myself. I think if he parodies Nalts he should commit suicide by one of the following methods:

    1. Holding in all of his farts until he explodes;
    2. Throwing himself down a flight of stairs; or
    3. Choking on a hamster

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