Why Isn’t Daisy Whitney on TV Yet?

Watch Daisy Whitney (New Media Minute) discuss advertising and content in this “Why You Suck at Photoshop” and ask yourself why Whitney isn’t doing a broadcast television show. Pick only one answer that best answers the question.

  1. She doesn’t aspire to television. That’s what her old married friends do, and they hate their jobs.
  2. There’s not a big enough audience on television that cares about new media (yet).
  3. Traditional media is terrified by her charm and knowledge. They can’t wait until she and “The British or Coming” horse gallop off into the sunset.
  4. She has a face for radio (hint- this is the wrong answer)

Hey, I’m not being a pig here, okay? I like brunettes.

15 Replies to “Why Isn’t Daisy Whitney on TV Yet?”

  1. She’s too smart and her boobs are too little. Plus she has an annoying way of speaking. And no fashion sense whatsoever. And if she really spoke to the guys at you suck at photoshop, why no clip of their conversation? I didn’t watch the whole video, so that last one may be wrong.

  2. Why she isn’t on TV: She’s pretty enough, has an Ellen Degeneres nose though. She would be a big hit in political commentary circles, but she does come off as too smart for this particular industry. What was she talking about again? I thought her boobs were fine. I agree on her lack of fashion sense, hair color doesn’t look real either; black or dark blue behind blond, white for red or brown. I thought her voice was o k. I almost made it to the very end and saw no clips on YouSuck@Photoshop. She doesn’t have enough to carry the “show” on her own without the clips.With no background bio she’s just another actress or who cares fluff TV news segment I’d like a martini.

    That all just sounded real mean, I hate this industry!

  3. THAT was mean???? Jan, I’m disapppointed in you. Obviously you haven’t been reading my comments closely enough.

  4. She’s no where near ready for TV. Uses her hands waaaay too much. Should have had interview clips with MDC. And I agree with sukatra about her fashion sense, but I didn’t mind her boobs or hair. But I’m not much into boobs, myself.

  5. The only reason she’s not on TV is that font she used at the beginning of the linked video. That, and the TV world hasn’t realized the value of online media yet.

  6. Why am I not on TV? Hmmm…I actually AM on TV. I contribute on-air stories to NBC stations in LA, SF and San Diego on digital media. I also have appeared on TV Guide Network, CNN and CNBC.

    Duly noted on the fashion sense. I like to try new things. Guess this shirt didn’t work. I’ll stick to blues mostly.

    As for clips with Photoshop guys, it was a phone interview I was summarizing…not a video interview…sometimes that’s all you get with these guys and there isn’t enough money yet to justify flying to North Carolina to interview them.

    And as for hair color…what woman over 30 doesn’t color her hair??? I was born blond…over time it grew darker…dark blonde…I prefer being blond…it’s not a secret. I color my hair! so do most women over 30!!!

    And I’m not an actress. I am reporter and have been for 12 years.

  7. And thank you so much, Nalts, for the post! I am totally flattered and I forgive you your preference for brunettes…Though I think my previous comment established I might lean closer to the brunette side than you might have thought….

  8. Timely tip Nalts. I caught onto Dasy after her interview with Internet Supertar – and have ben consuming her videos at a distressing rate these past few days.

    love the shallowness of the previous comments. makes me so proud.

    and my guess to the question posed is: number 2 (reason? see the shallowness of the previous answers for a clue)

  9. I’d like to approach my response to Daisy’s response in the way I’ d imagine Michael Buckley might say it, “Honey, get a colorist!” Other than that, and considering the information I had at the time, I think most of my comments were objective, pretty fair and helpful, which in the entertainment industry means relatively little, but hey, this stuff here is free!

  10. I just didn’t like her top or her use, or rather overuse, of her hands. Other than that, meh. I could take her or leave her. She seems nice enough.

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