YouTube, Copyright & Ads: Big Media Waking Up?

Hi! I’m Kevin Nalts and I’ve actually swam in diarrhea for fun! In fact, I do it often…

Nah, I’m not actually Nalts; I’m some idiot he trusted to write a guest piece for his blog. Big mistake to trust Peter Coffin. So anyway, here’s something rather important:

If you’ve been keeping up with the business of online video, you know that companies have realized what you and I have for a long time: this stuff is for real. Social media, YouTube, streaming, all the freshly-aged buzzwords – it’s starting to generate some real revenue. It’s in part because of people like you and me putting up homegrown content and spending time generating fanbases (which is still odd for most of us to even say), but as much as I would like to take all the credit for the community made up of us forward-thinking independents, I have to believe the reason YouTube worked over all the other startups that have provided far more incentive to the little guy is because you can watch clips of Family Guy on it.

Clips that Fox did not upload. Or NBC. Or Viacom. Or anyone else who makes stuff that you see on the outdated 4:3 box taking up space in your parent’s house’s living room (you have a 16:9 HD flatscreen at your place… it’s on the wall… looks kind of like a painting and stuff).

So, naturally, the copyright holders in their conventional wisdom (particularly the big V) went the hell after Google/YouTube, the site that renewed the dying interest in SNL when Lazy Sunday went crazy viral.

But you know all that.

What you don’t know is that someone – some kind of consulting firm or possibly YT reps – is getting through to these people on what YT makes possible. Yeah, you can attempt to have your own branded video site. Yeah, you can spend tons of money trying to promote it. But when it comes down to it: that is like making a TV that only plays your stuff or a sandwich shop that only makes tuna. No one is going to buy that. They want everything and they will get it.

And in an example everyone should follow: a few companies are getting it. Universal Music, CBS, Lionsgate, and EA Games are now allowing people to upload their copyrighted content to YouTube. Why? Because Google is putting ads on them ala the Parter Program and sharing the revenue with these companies.

Someone finally convinced them what everyone should know: if someone sees your content, that’s a damn good thing. That is why you make the content. And instead of revealing private information on the people that watch/spread/upload clips, JUST PUT ADS ON IT AS IF X COMPANY UPLOADED IT THEMSELVES AND WATCH THE MONEY ROLL IN! Wowie, it’s so simple!

So if you are expecting to die when the Viabomb ( hits, don’t worry. Companies are realizing it’s possible to have content out there that they don’t even have to work to promote (as someone else will do it for them) and make money off it. Now the legal future of YT can start to make more sense and advertisers can continue gaining confidence in the product. And small-timers like myself continue to suckle on the teat of famous related videos. Ah, related videos… you are my savior!

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  1. You hit the nail right on the head:

    “if someone sees your content, thatโ€™s a damn good thing.”

    That’s what Viacom seems to be forgetting.

  2. Well, it appears that the theme for this weekend’s WVFF blog is who can make the most disgusting comment about shit. While I have been mightily impressed with many of your entries, I must decline to participate in this contest, for as you all know so well, I am a lady.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Actually, I’m currently squirting volcanic jets of liquidified poo out of my burning stinging butthole. I mean right now, as I sit in my computer chair.

    Time to buy a new computer chair!

  3. Hahaha! Actually, sukatra, industry research show that 17% of all home office chairs suffer this fate. Explosive Bowel Syndrome. It’s America’s dirty little secret.


    I amuse myself.

  4. if that we would quote only Shakespeare all days and all nights

    all I have to say is toot toot somewhere on this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    AND add that they, giant corporations, have no other choice. I’d like to think it’s the market place in action, but pending legislation could strip what corporations already enjoy back to 1787 – To Promote the Progress of Science and The Useful Arts – IOW the Good of the Country, which could lock out big corporate profits altogether and there’s just no money in that for the stock holders. It could also go as far as The Exhaustion of Rights, which basically says you bought, it’s yours, do as you like. Thus, creating a lot of very messy, long and drawn out court battles where only the lawyers get rich, and that again cuts into stockholder profits. Speculating on corporate hedge funds would be cool though.

    The set up these guys have now is as far as they can practically go; without chip implants. Personally, I think they have too much and have mostly overstepped. The laws need to change, rights stripped and terms shortened. Such lengthy copyright laws only benefit the elite not the common citizen. We could take a whole National approach to copyright and say you were born here, you thought of it here, it belongs to all of us, for the good of the nation, then export it and stick the profits in the public coffers. We could… We could say, God granted you those thoughts and ideas and God doesn’t charge and he’s not taxed, therefore no profits for the individual, but for all humanity. We could… But we won’t.

    Frankly, I don’t think there is much left to copyright other than your DNA and Google along with a few progressive bio-companies are taking care of that right now – Someone, somewhere could always make a claim or say they influenced anything or a part of anything you’ve created and essentially, they are correct. It’s a matter of who has the most and best lawyers. After Viacom’s July sales drop the whole industry had to sit up and take notice, they are out numbered and out manned in every way by the technology they helped to create and promote. It’s not just a matter of PR, it’s whether or not they survive. We will have a better idea who will win in the end and by how much after the November elections.

    Now, in keeping with the timbre of the commentsโ€ฆ Kevin, I here by grant you copyrights to poo. No one can ever poo again without your direct authorization. Nutcheese is granted the fart, no one may fart again without here permission. Peter is granted the explosive diarrhea, however, and wherefore he will have to share the profits with Kevin since diarrhea is too closely related to poo and further compensation to Nutcheese if any sounds are produced or projected during either the explosive diarrhea or the taking of the poo. Addendum: Anyone engaging in any of the above activities while sitting, squatting or smearing, must grant due compensation to sukatra for the privilege.

    Are we clear?

  5. jischinger – I very much disagree. If I make something and someone else doesn’t, I do not think they should get what I get for making it. It provides me with no incentive at all to do what I do. Be it make online video, baking, whatever.

    Yes, there are ways to get around how capitalism works, but I’m sorry. Hard work should get the person who did it ahead, not everyone. We are not ants.

  6. marquis, if you’re gonna appropriate my hahaha’s, at least get it right. And it’s “i crack myself up,” not “i amuse myself.” poseur.

  7. oo ah oo a philosophical discussion on economics and politics! I’m game if you are “my friend” – shall we engage this discussion in the forum or right here on the blog? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. @#13
    sukatra, I was hahaha-ing on BBSes when you were still using carbon paper and WhiteOut. As far as posing, I wish you could see the one I’m using now.

  9. “Hard work should get the person who did it ahead, not everyone. We are not ants.”

    not everyone works hard – old money and big money dictates labor

    but, we can not survive without each other, you need police, firemen, hospitals, and technicians. Imagine if you had to pay the true value of all those people out of pocket.. So yes, in a sense most of us are ants or bees. All civilized societies are, this isn’t cave man days nor the wild wild west and even those guys knew there was safety in numbers.

    You said, “If I make something and someone else doesnโ€™t,”
    well in order for you to make 99.9000% of everything you do you need those before and around you to help in any endeavor. If it’s cookies, someone had to grow, harvest, mill and truck in the wheat.

    I think what you really mean to say is what the value of a thing might be and of course that is somewhat subjective, supply and demand seems to be the catch phrase in conservative circles, but conservative generally are Christian folk who also believe in the teachings of Christ and that means do unto others… and being the keeper of your brother. Of course you don’t have to be a Christian to have those values, most religions do anyway.

    So there is a moral compass and a humanistic point of view that seems to be missing from your statement.Tho I could be wrong, maybe you toss old ladies in front of cars and steal candy from babies, but I watched your videos so I kinda doubt it, you care too much.

  10. I think we’re deluding ourselves if we’re saying that big media is finally going to take youtube seriously as a revenue stream. The only way they view youtube is as an impedance to their existing revenue stream and they will take whatever steps they deem necessary to protect their current/existing streams. This whole internet thing is just a passing fad. You’ll see.

  11. Yeah, Matt, a passing fad that’s been around for over 20 years. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Eventually, big media will wake up to YouTube’s impact. I already watch more YT than TV, except during the Olympics.

  12. ^the scary thing is how eager people are willing to have one installed.

    Here’s something to blog about…
    Some small loop of music in a video caught my ear and I thought, I know that song. so after trying to figure out what it was, which I did, I though ah, yeah, that was a pretty good song, so I did a search on Yout Tube and this is what I found [click]

    I dare you to listen to it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. jischinger – Someone watched my videos and figured out I care about stuff? Shit…

    I guess what I believe is that those who help themselves (and those who legitimately cannot help themselves) deserve help, but other people do not. I’m like 3/4 humanitarian.

    Matt – boy are you wrong, man…

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