10 Replies to “Patton Oswalt Likes Nuts (Rabbit Bites)”

  1. Although I do like Patton Oswalt, I’ve long since grown tired of watching unintelligible rodents interviewing people I’ve never heard of or don’t care to know about. I unsubscribed months ago. And I have no idea what that pink thing was in the video, which annoys me even more.

    And by pink thing, I meant the graphic, you filthy-minded degenerates.

  2. the rabbits I know the pudgy guy… no idea.

    and ladies… mams… I don’t take kindly to your criticism of my favorite furry floppies, all they need is a little nalts and marquisdejolie

  3. Those rabbits drive me nuts. Their voices haunt me in my sleep.

    Oh, and Jan, the pudgy guy is some actor from some sitcom but I don’t know which one; one I don’t watch.

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