My Identity Was Stolen and I Love It!

TheMightyThor1212 stole my identity, and I love it.

He’s the YouTuber that has been to more global YouTube in-person gatherings than anyone else. So I couldn’t be more proud that he decided to pretend he’s me in Canada recently. Here’s the clip.

During the NYC 777 YouTube gathering, he and I appeared together in this interview.

If you’re going to have your identity stolen by an old guy, he might as well be cool looking — even though he’s rarely without his “public masturbation trench coat” (see Jon LaJoie video). For the record, he’s the nicest guy… helped get my kids guitars and has taught them songs via live Stickam chats. But I still totally cracked myself up by calling him out on the overcoat.

This offer goes beyond TheMightythor1212: If you can appear on the news and convince them you’re me, I’ll totally pimp your video out. I’ll even change my profile picture on YouTube to your picture for a day if that helps. A fake Nalts is funnier than a real one ANY day.

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  1. phil’s getting phat. and Mr Safety is a lot shorter than I thought.

    “If you can appear on the news and convince them you’re me…”
    any cash?

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