I Am an Internet Superstar, so Bow to Me.

Read the blog’s masthead, friends. WillVideoforFood is about big ideas in video creation, new means of advertising and marketing, constructive debates via comments (even the ones about gymnast bulges), and the advancement of the “little guy.” But it’s also partially self promotion for this mythical beast named Nalts. There aren’t any ads on the blog, so instead I do “product placement” for the hot-headed jackass (and he in turn lets me, Kevin Nalty, write about stuff I actually care about).

But here’s the weird thing. I’m blogging about the fact that I was on Revision3’s Internet Superstar show (hosted by Martin Sargent) and I haven’t yet watched it. Last week we did the interview live, but I taped my side and mailed it to him so we didn’t have to use some crappy webcam.

Now I’m blogging about this appearance without time to watch it. Gotta run to a meeting (actually first I have to take another doody, which I hate doing at work… but Ultram ER or Celebrex makes you take a lot of work “grasshoppers”).

So I ask you, dear reader, did this clip make me look cool or an idiot? I’ll come to my own conclusions when I get back to my desk (and will comment below- but write yours first). I’ll let you know how that poop worked out too if you’d like.

The funny thing about this show is that it’s not really popular yet. Touch niche: shows about video creators. I’ve tried with Metacafe Unfiltered and The Bubble Gum Tree Show (sorry- taped a BabyEaters and Happyslip one but it just keeps slipping to quadrant 3 and 4 on the Franklin Covey Time Matrix).

Martin’s format is more lively and television like… and maybe that’s the trick. Hey that poop just entered quadrant one of the Franklin Covey Time Matrix.

Dang I\'m hot.

29 Replies to “I Am an Internet Superstar, so Bow to Me.”

  1. Hey, I’m a fan of Internet Superstar, and enjoyed your interview. It came out really well.

    I was wondering why you did the interview from your vehicle, slumped down. It seemed like a horribly uncomfortable way to do it. Your explanation was appreciated, as I had no idea how your video came out so clear.

  2. The interview was nice and crystal clear! The main host did a great job with the questions and you answered them well too. I like watching you during the “in between” parts though. You always make interesting faces. :o) I have to admit though, their set kinda looked like PeeWee’s playhouse. Didn’t he get arrested for jacking off in a public restroom or something? Is that what you meant by having to take another doody? Hmmm.

    Good job guys!

  3. Very good… I’m working with some local clients on this kinda stuff… I’ve got the creative down, but I could certainly use a few lessons on seeding… Learned quite a bit, actually.

    Nicely done. Hope your poop went well.

  4. Back from the poop but still haven’t watched it all. Found a blueberry in my poop that I ate last night. It was like corn… you don’t eat corn. You borrow it.

  5. Lookin’ sharp. Just one question: why have you downgraded your title from viral video genius to viral video expert?

    Seen my latest “intellectual exercise”? (click)

  6. How did code word “doody” mission go? Did you tap your foot underneath the stall? Gave a few “seeding” lessons, huh? Now I see why you want us to bow to you.

    Next time take some crunchy peanut butter into the stall with you…smear it on some toilet paper and drop roll it into the next stall..then politely say, “Excuse me, would you mind kicking that back over here?”


  7. You have been spending too much time with NutCheese when you start describing your poops. TMi, Nalts, tmi.

    The video looked goof; really good quality and you didn’t embarrass yourself. Good tips, etc.

    One tip I will give YOU: stop laughing while you are taping Spencer so the camera doesn’t shake so much.

  8. I am the Axl Rose of internet video: I am a total hermit and when people try to get me to cooperate, I put their stuff in my driveway and run it over.

    Beat that, Nalts. Beat AXL ROSE.

  9. Well, that’s 14 and a half minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    I dare you to make a video using the term “gymnast bulges.”

  10. P.S. – jason at comment #6 – that was a horribly disgusting idea. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Now somebody make a video doing that.

  11. Very well done Mr. Nalts!

    “Who on Earth d’you think you are?
    A superstar?
    Well, right you are”

    “And we all shine on
    Like the moon and the stars and the sun
    Well, we all shine on
    Everyone, c’mon”

    Instant Kharma – John Lennon

    ___: D

  12. Okay, lest all of this praise make your head swell larger than it is so that you float away from the earth and becomes lost to us all, I’m going to critique your interview skills.

    1) Not bad overall, the idea of sending the video from your side was a great idea. Kept the video crystal clear, and gave great audio too. Made it look like it a professional video link and not some weird youtube wannabe crappy vlogger site video.

    2) Keep eye contact the camera, your eye’s were so friggin shifty I keep checking that my wallet was still in my pocket. Most of the time you were looking at everything else in the car but the camera. Put a picture of them or something behind the camera for Pete’s sake! When you actually did look at the camera you connected well with audience! Although you seemed to get better toward end. Maybe its just when people are talking about you or complimenting you but still. You want the publicity deal with it.

    3) When you’re doing an offsite interview over the phone and trying to keep it looking crisp keep the phone out of view. We don’t want to see you talking to the phone. Put the phone up by the camera, maybe that way you’ll look at it.

    Over all good answers and great clip. I think it makes you look…well not cool…but at least coherent.

    End of Advice from your friendly Interview Consulting Genius

  13. What do you care what the hell we think about your interview? You don’t really, right?

    Freakin’ blueberry in your shit? How the hell do you spot a blueberry in your crap? Did you, like, stand up, bend down and examine your load? Or when you were wiping, did you look at the paper and see that you had just wiped a berry out of your bung-hole?

    You ever take a crap, and then you sit there a while, and then you wipe, and it was, like, such a clean shit that you don’t really need to–so you’re like “wow, that was awesome!”-and then you get up to flush, and there’s no freakin’ turd? And you’re like “What the fuck? Did I shit or not? Damn, I was sitting so long I forgot.” Then you theorize that the turd most have been so long and torpedo shaped and aerodynamic that it just sliced through the water and disappeared down the pipe. Maybe it’s just me.

  14. And seriously, you gotta get a MacBook if you haven’t yet. ‘Cause I wrote that last comment sitting on the freakin’ toilet in a hotel in Europe. Sweetness!!!

  15. Oh my god, I don’t know who mm is, but he has taken the art of crapping to a whole new level.

    Also, I wanted to give you some shit about the whole “i try to make a video every day.” Since when??? Totally falling down on the job, buddy. Plus you’re making it harder and harder for me to leave decent comments. I’m not getting enough practice.

  16. Actually, the mysterious vanishing turd is a fairly common occurrence, sukatra. People tend to exhale when pushing one out. If the sphincter muscle is weak or damaged, the turd may be sucked back up into the rectal cavity instead of being pinched off when the person inhales at a critical pinching moment. The medical term for this is Fecal Popback or Anicus Trickus.

  17. Thanks for the info marquis, but I’ve had enough sphincter and rectal conversations this month to last a lifetime.

  18. I fell off my chair laughing when I made up that crap, sukatra, so I’ve paid the price of sarcasm.

  19. OK enough potty talk people! I feel like I’m back teaching pre-school again, except that those kids talked less about their doodys than you do!

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