Buying a Bucket on Date Night

My wife and I used our babysitter night to buy a bucket tonight. Well actually, it went like this. She said we needed a bucket. So I decided to make a video about how pitiful we are to use a date night to buy a bucket. Then we ditched the video, but ended up doing little more than buy a bucket.

In fairness, we also bought ice coffees at Wegmans where I thought about turning on the camera and pretending people ran into me with a shopping cart. Then I went to Radio Shack and fell in love with a bull horn. Turns out it’s $100, which is just too high of a price to pay to annoy people on camera.

But man… the bull horn in the library? Or bull horn in Church? Now that’s a video.

Having a good video idea but not executing it has the same result as not having the idea to begin with. Unless there’s a therapeutic benefit to thinking of ideas I won’t implement.

I’m so sick of tagging these posts and categorizing them. I’m not doing either. Good lucking finding this one, Google. You’re on your own.

8 Replies to “Buying a Bucket on Date Night”

  1. You burned up a babysitter night buying a bucket? Oh you’ve got to get yourself some Frankie Valli or Motown jams!

  2. Hey – ever heard of ebay or craigslist? I’m sure you can get a bullhorn for a LOT less than 100 bucks. Although if you buy it on craigslist, you may want to put it through a couple of clorox rinses before you put your mouth up to it.

  3. I just Google “lame” and your blog comes up everytime…why tag? ;o)

    LOL @ #2 and 4.

    Nalts, I’m so mean to you sometimes, well okay, all the time. I think my big sisters sukatra, Merryland, Jan and little sis Nutcheese are bad influences. MDJ, even though he’s the talk of reason on this blog, he’s the mastermind, he just doesn’t know it yet.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend friend! :o)

    As for the rest of you…bite me! (yeah, I stole sukatra’s line)

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