Dead Video Sites Don’t Have Proper Funerals

Oh dear. Did I sleep through a Google Video death? It seems these video sites barely have the courtesy to send a “goodbye” card when they die. 

It took a while for me to realize TheDailyReel was RIP, and I just discovered this morning that Flix55 (the video-sharing site by a NYC television station) had vanished.

Now check out Google Video. It’s not quite dead, but I think I could fairly describe it as what I first advocated for Google: A video search engine (albiet not as intelligent as Mother Google or even YouTube results). It does allow you to find videos from other websites, and even play Yahoo videos without making you leave Google (good boy for allowing that Yahoo… goooood boy).

Alas Google’s vision, not unlike Knol, was to be a destination site. Where select creators were sharing advertising revenue, and Mighty Mouse episodes were playing on the destination site. When Google swallowed YouTube it was only time before the two merged or went different directions.

If Stupid Videos, Break or Metacafe die will someone please let me know? Next thing you know it someone will tell me eFoof died.

Here’s hoping YouTube remains solvent. I really don’t want to get that second job delivering pizza in Allentown.

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  1. YouTube will never die. There are too many people addicted to it. Unless something newer and flashier and easier to use that doesn’t take hours to upload and then crash and doesn’t always show your all of your subscriptions and freezes in the middle of videos sometimes and….

    What was I talking about?

  2. You know that huge supercollider in Switzerland that is so big it crosses the border into France, and people are afraid that it may create a black hole and suck the earth right into it? I predict youtube will survive the black hole, although the rest of us will be toast.

    Other survivors of the black hole – junk mail and prerecorded telephone calls from political candidates asking for your vote. And Fred.

  3. google video was a great place to hide giant file – RIP

    I predict when Ms gobbles up Yahoo there will be a battle between the two – out of that will come specialized splinter groups because Yahoo and You Tube will homogenize to maintain revenue. Of course You Tube will have an edge unless Ms gobbles up the splinter groups <— something to think about developing now…

  4. eefoof is dead. VuMe is next. Why PutFile is still around I don’t know. Flukiest is a fluke. Dropshots will drop. I thought Guba was gone a long time ago. DailyMotion has studio backing. Mixpo has me mixed up. Buzznet’s where I dump my Revver videos along with Infectiousvideos. Somebody should tell Sharkle they jumped the shark. Bolt should bolt. Izimi stopped responding. Lifelogger is a clogger. Eyespot’s not hot. Sevenload dropped its load. Media Max is maxing out. Zippyvideos really isn’t. Blip seems a blip. JumpCut ain’t jumpin’. Yahoo Video seems incognito. HowCast ain’t no blast. MySpace TV is not for me. VideoEgg laid it. Cast Post is still casting. Blinx blank. Clip Shack seems to be on a shaky foundation. Grouper groped me and then it was gone. My Video Karaoke is hokie. Phanfare is fairly quiet. Selfcast self destructed. Vmix is vexed. And on and on and on.

  5. ^SPLAT!^

    all those sites show the same crap.

    My prediction:
    The big battle will be between You Tube and Yahoo after MS takes over – and MS in the tradition of Yahoo will start buying these little specialized places like, MDC, 5MIN, CL, maybe blip, and depending on what renetto comes up with…

    so if you want to get in on the gold you gotta specialize. I’ll say it again, there’s Gold in them there cubicals, Black Gold, Texas Tea… but it’s all sitting under a hill and there are slant drillers running about. got to strike while the iron is hot!. Leave no stone unturned and then kill two birds. Enough metaphors yet?

  6. I can’t even say how angry I am about Flix55. They had big things planned for me! BIIIIIIIG THINGS! And BOOM! It goes missing without a trace! Goddammit!!!!! Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for ol’ Reubnick.

    By the way, what the hell ever happened to Grouper? Does anybody give a crap?

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