Why Do They Hate You So Much on YouTube, Kevin?

Nalts sucksThanks, Jan, for the Nalts appreciation blog. Good timing since Kevin Nalty has been a little down lately with a bad back and day-job stress (and Nalts has only been able to cheer him up occasionally).

On a related note, when I talk to my family, I often field the question, “why do they hate you so much on YouTube?” At first I thought maybe my family happened to graze some of the 5% toxic hate messages.

Then I realized what’s happening. They’re searching NALTS on YouTube, and the image here is what they see. Oh. Never mind. WordPress doesn’t want to accept the image. Well here’s the list.

  • F*ck You Nalts (a parody by Michael Buckley/Peron75)
  • Balts is a Bastard (a parody by Spricket24)
  • Nalts was Stalking Me (a prody by Renetto)
  • Nalts is Lying (a parody by CharlesTrippy)

Search has mystical powers doesn’t it? The only part of online video many know is what shows up after they type a search query.

14 Replies to “Why Do They Hate You So Much on YouTube, Kevin?”

  1. Nalts haters are just a jealous (THAT is how you spell it, Court) bunch who can only dream of the adoration that follows you everywhere you go, as long as you are around people who watch too much YouTube. As I mentioned in Nutcheese’s room on Stickam last night, none of my friends watch YT and they have no idea of who any of you are. Reality check! 😉

    PS – But I still love you, Nalts!

  2. you enjoy doing it and thats all that matters.
    i think your pretty badass and you make me laugh mine off.
    keep ’em comin

  3. I just don’t understand that myself. Nalts is about the most down to earth “weblebrity” of anyone out there. Go ahead, gripe about Renetto. Beat down the entire cast & crew of the LG15 soap opera. Heck, give smosh an atomic wedgie. But why is there so much hate for one of the few popular ‘tubers who actually responds to (some of) his comments, and is willing to be in a cameo role in just about any schlub’s video? It baffles the mind.

    I have an anti-popularity policy in my subscriptions. If you’re popular, you don’t need my subscription, so I try to stick to lesser known content creators who make good stuff. Nalts is an exception to that rule, because he knows his stuff, and he seems to be a decent human. He even apologized for leaving that roadkill in the back seat of my car the other day…

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