15 Replies to “Charlie and the Kitten”

  1. Awww!!! I can’t decide who is cuter – Charlie or Triscuit. Personally, I think Charlie must take after Jo. 🙂

  2. What kind of parent would post pictures of his kid on the internet? Next thing you know, you’ll be doing videos of them. Exploiting your kid for views????? Man, you are one sick fuck.

    Now I’m off to make a video of Hank taking a huge dump on the can. Hold it as long as you can, honey! I need to get the lighting just right!

  3. My son (the one that turned 20 today) used to be able to put our old at into what we called a “kitty coma”. He had a way with that cat. Our new kittens are way too frisky right now. They terrorize the house, chasing each other and knocking things over. Maybe two cats wasn’t such a good idea! 🙂

  4. marilyn – i promise you 2 cats was a great idea. aren’t they hilarious to watch running around chasing each other and play fighting? they’ll calm down eventually and then you’ll have two puddles of love to sit in your lap or on the end of your bed or on your footstool or whatever.

    Yeah, I said it. Puddles of love.

  5. Right now my kitties are terrors; but I love them. I figure once they get they balls cut off (in another month) they will calm down a bit. 🙂
    It is so cute to watch them; I have several videos of them on my channel (that only my family have watched). They are just about 6 months old and I do love them to death. It’s just the racing through the house at 4 am knocking everything off the counters, dressers and tables that drives me crazy. Kirk is my little buddy; he sits in my lap all the time and curls up next to me in bed. Spock is also pretty lovey, but he seems to enjoy licking hubby’s beard and balls best!

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