It’s Kevin Appreciation Day! Hurray!

Thanks Kevin for being such a charming and righteous guy!

You are truly one of the nicest and funniest people on the net and we or rather I don’t show enough appreciation for all you do to keep us entertained, out of trouble and off hard drugs, but you do! And most of all you are a stand up guy and it’s not said often enough, I don’t think. So thanks again for everything and I promises I will never hack into your blog again.

So Nation of Nalts pass the beer and give a cheer,
dig deep down to the bottom of your silly human hearts,
say something genuine, not too queer and not to smear
and please, oh, please be smart,
hold back the venom
hold back the onions
that gives you the urge to… beg for a mint.

37 Replies to “It’s Kevin Appreciation Day! Hurray!”

  1. No matter what anyone says or does or doesn’t do you find a way to get happy again. Hope springs eternal with you. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad trait, but it’s sure is a necessary one and probably why people keep pushing ahead.

    Not sure if this was an appreciation or a backhanded compliment, least I tired 😉

  2. Aw. I think Kevin is great! I had no idea today was Kevin appreciation day.

    Wait…YOU made this day. This is bullshit.

    I am feeling angry. GET OUT OF CONTROL CENTRAL! IT’S MY TURN!!!!

    P.S. Ha…I just edited the dancing video for Monday…last night. So it’s on my channel instead of 7ak…next week? Eh?

  3. Okay. So I must have had you in the back of my mind. Because I was just at the new Valley Shopping center thinger…and there was a guy using a big rubber band in the “Zen Park” or w/e that thing is with the blue triangle over hangs. Ya know. The yuppy place to sit and eat your Maggie Moo’s icecream.


    It wasn’t you.

    Did you know that Starbucks in there is closing already? Dumb. You should totally be allowed to make a left hand turn out of PF Changs onto 611. DUhHHH.

  4. Why are you in Control Central Kevin? Hope you’re not OD’ing on self help books/tapes. Snap out of it videographer!!!! *Slap, Slap!*

    BSoN…Mmmmm, PF Changs! I’m hungry now! LOL about Starbucks…we had one open up about 2 months ago near me and it’s closing too.

  5. Here ya go…

    We have never met, never talked on the phone, and never exchanged a “personal” email. I have posted comments on almost all your videos I’ve watched, read most of your blogs, subscribed to all your channels, even the ones you suggest/promote, and now I’m suppose to give you more appreciation?

    Yes, Yes I will Kevin.

    You cause me to laugh, sometimes so hard I cry. You cause my wife to give me strange looks when I’m watching your videos (the best). Most importantly, you make me think about how I can invent myself as a YouTube personality, not to be rich and famous as you are, but just because it looks like soooo much fun!

  6. You’re not making enough videos these days to earn my appreciation.

    By the way, did you write that poem? If so, don’t quit your day job.

    Hank says to tell you you’re a tool.

  7. Just one hour ago, the Federal Communications Commission voted to punish Comcast for violating Net Neutrality and blocking your right to do what you want on the Internet.

    This win is yours. Defying every ounce of conventional wisdom in Washington, activists, bloggers, consumer advocates and everyday people have taken on a major corporation and won.

    Today’s vote at the FCC is also a precedent-setting victory that sends a powerful message to phone and cable companies that blocking access to the Internet will not be tolerated from this time forward.

    Thanks, Kevin.

  8. Thank you Kevin, for all you do to entertain us. Now, stop hanging out in control central and complaining about your back and patting yourself on the back (hey! Maybe that’s how you hurt your back!) and go back to making videos.

  9. Hey marilyn, I’m sorry you feel old. But look at it this way. At least you don’t have to worry about him shitting his pants and then spreading it all over the pillow you use at your computer desk, and then playing video games on nick jr.’s website with his poop-covered hands. And not understanding why that behavior is unacceptable in a 7 year old boy.

    At least I hope you don’t have to.

  10. Hey Kevin – Bite me.

    You know what? All of you can bite me.

    Sorry. I’m just getting out all my aggression over having to work in a shit-covered office chair. For the second time this summer, no less.

  11. Everyone appreciates you, Mr. Nalty. It seems to me that you have lots of fans. But this shit is crazy. Insomnia Ironman? Some guy with a seven year old who smears shit everywhere? What the fuck?

    You need to take those freakin’ Ambien at 6:00 in the evening every day for a month and sleep for 10 hours. I don’t know… you didn’t look so good in your last video.

  12. Yes, sukatra, my son no longer smears shit all over everything; actually, neither one of them does. The older one is 22. They are both house-trained. Someday, they may even get real jobs. They both study computer science in college and my hope is that someday they will earn buckets of money and support me in my retirement.

    And BsoN: I may be old enough to be your mother, but I’m a hell of a lot of fun. 🙂

  13. They are still less than 25. You’re lucky that they don’t smear feces. Good parental supervision. A sub-25 year old human meat puppet is impossible to communicate with and has little more social skills than your average garden gnome.

    Are you older than 25 Kevin? Wait ummm this is Nalts Appreciation Day. Not slam Nalts with a frozen turkey day.

    Nalts thanks for being you.

  14. Actually, JimmerSD, I am rather proud of my sub-25 year-old sons. They are both Eagle Scouts and have good manners and are reasonably helpful around the house. Plus they even read the newspaper, including the editorial pages and have startling good insights into the mess our country is in for kids of their ages. And good parental supervision definitely helped in their formative years.

  15. Sorry if I seem prejudice. Almost 50 and one side of a dink relationship. The only interaction I get with youngins these days is with McDonalds/BK clerks. “WelctoMcdnlskanItakyourder”?

  16. Actually marilyn, I’m hoping hank will be a major geek, because it’s much less likely he’ll get some little slut pregnant.

    Unfortunately I think he’s gonna be too cute for that. All the ladies in his class love him, even though he himself thinks they all have cooties. It’s those damn half-asian eyes. Mixed ethnicity children are the most beautiful children in the world.

    Okay, now, everybody jump on the bandwagon and give me hell for that comment. Come on, I dare you. In fact, I double dare you. It’ll be fun. I’ll just sit here like a submissive dog and take it.

  17. My older son played football and lacrosse in high school in addition to being a geek, so girls liked him. Now he dates a half-Asian girl and she is very sweet. She is half Chinese and half Irish; what a mix!

    My younger son, who is a MAJOR geek also attracts the ladies like bees to honey. He has had more girlfriends than his older brother. Aside from being one of the smartest kids in his high school class, and a major computer geek, he also did musicals and plays and is very funny. So just because they are smart, Eagle Scouts doesn’t mean they can’t get girls.

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