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It pains me to see so few views on YouTube for something this well written, acted and edited. It’s called “Font Conference” and it’s a great personification of the fonts we know so well. Baskerville Old Face and Bookman OId Style duke it out. Arial Black feels discriminated. Wide Italian played by an overeating fat guy. Futura played by a time traveler. And Century Gothic is played by a goth emo who resents the conformists (“I can’t wait for you to grow out of this,” says Times New Roman. In the climax, Ransom takes Courier and his daughter Curlz MT hostage, but don’t worry- Wing Dings celebrates in the end.

Extremely well done (right down to the incredible production values with rack focuses and perfect lighting), and especially entertaining for those of us who spend way too much time thinking about fonts.

I just feel sad for Trebuchet, who was sadly left out. Maybe a sequel? Can I humbly submit to play Trebuchet? Or maybe even a serif if College Humor provides acting coaches.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for turning me on to this! It was cute. I have a friend in publishing I’m forwarding it to.

  2. Few views???? That sucker’s already got over 21,000.

    I’m going back to bed until you come up with a really good post that is worth my time to read and comment. That’s right. Ptooey!! I spit upon this blog entry.

    Okay that didn’t really work, seeing how as i actually spat upon my computer monitor. Gotta go clean it up.

    But first — I’M GOING BACK TO SLEEP!!!! Yay for sleep!!! Yay for sleeping drugs!!!! I got four days of sleeplessness to make up for.

  3. That was absolutely hilarious. I loved every second of that. It’s very rare that I lol, and for this video, I did many times.

    But where the heck was “Expose”? He could have been represented by a cowboy or something, and perhaps “Andy” or “Catsup” could have been represented by little kids. I also think that the fat guy should have been “Goudy Stout” instead of “Wide Latin”. “Tubular” should have been in there as a “Wacky crazy guy, who just doesn’t have time” too. And Ican’t beleive they left out “Papyrus!” Mostly, though, I wish “Abadi MT condensed” had been in there. That’s always my standby font.

    God, I made this entire comment without even opening a word document. Somebody help me!!!

  4. Eh.

    It was alright.

    :o) Juuuust kidding. I got ya, didn’t i? DIDN’T I?!

    …my 2 hour break is ending. I spent most of it driving your daughter and niece home to my apartment to see the kitten that I have banned from your house.

    Don’t forget to tell me how much of an awesome babysitter I am.

    Now go re-organize your tool closet so I don’t get pissy.

  5. “Mailbox! Open mailbox!” I love it!

    Hey, sukatra, what kind of drugs you got? I was up all night last night, and half the night the night before and I am so tired I can barely think straight. I just want to sleep!!!!

  6. ambien. the nectar of the gods, if you haven’t already tried it. doesn’t work so well for me, so I take other stuff that helps it kick in.

  7. Oh we’re talking about Ambien? I’d give up my video and computer before I gave up my sweet, lovely adorable ambien.

    Reubnick- what are you using for type? A Newton? Those fonts are weird.

  8. I may have to talk to my doctor about Ambien if this keeps up. Two nights in a row with little or no sleep. Total of 6 hours both nights, and only one of those was because I was waiting for my son to come home. Last night was only 2-1/2 hours. I can’t live like this!!!

    BTW, do you guys ever experience sleep-eating, sleep-driving (i.e., Patrick Kennedy) or any other side effects while taking Ambien?

  9. sleep-eating, yes. sleep-driving, not yet, but I’m sure that’s in my future. Sleep-sex? I should be so llucky.

  10. Pingback: Prozac.

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