Nostalgia Time: 1970s Kid Shows Intros

A “trip” down memory lane thanks to hours of YouTube searching and

Electric Company Intro


Then there’s HR Puffnstuff (see Drugachussets parody).

Reading Rainbow (Rhett and Link do a great version of this)

Land of the Lost intro

Little House on the Prairie (Jo loved it, I hated it)

The Muppet Show

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  1. I seem to remember another version of the “Land of the Lost” intro. It was a little more rockin’ and included the lyrics “I’m lost! I’m lost! Find me! Livin’… in the Land…of the Lost!!!”

    You get extra points for finding the theme songs to all of the Sid and Marty Krofft shows. Including–The Bugaloos, Dr. Shrinker, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, and Far Out Space Nuts, starring Bob Denver (Gilligan).

  2. I found that version I was talking about. It was from the ending theme.

    Little House on the Prairie sucked. As did The Waltons. Grizzly Adams kicked ass. And The Dukes of Hazzard!!! Yee-Haw!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness.

    Kevin. You are so old.

    We used to have to suffer through Reading Rainbow in catholic school. Maybe that’s why I ended up getting kicked out. Too many episodes of reading rainbow threw me into some sort of turmoil.

  4. Thanks for making me feel old Nalts…I only know Land of the lost, Little house on the prairie and the muppets. I only liked the muppets…the others blowed. Never heard of the rest…was I a deprived kid?

  5. I am too old for all of these except Little House on the Prairie. The Muppets and Reading Rainbow I watched with my kids. And they LOVED, RR, BsoN. My kids were (and still are) readers (as am I) and loved that show. Plus we are bug Trekkies so we loved that Geordie LaForge was the host.

  6. I was showing BSoN some old TV shows that I watched as a kid. They were quality shows like “You Can’t Do That On Television”, “Small Wonders”, and “Mr. Belvedere” and other crap like that.

    She didn’t like them.

  7. You Can’t Do that on Television sucked, I never watched it, and I spent all my free time trying to avoid seeing it.

    Oh, wait… the above sentence tells me it must be time for the Opposite sketches.

    Does anyone remember Marlo and the Magic Movie Machine? (link)

  8. I loved “The Electric Company’s” theme song so much that I wore out the record. Yes, records, remember those things?

    What a great collection of ’70 themes. I wonder if the “Fat Albert” theme is included somewhere on YouTube, especially since Bill Cosby is guest on “The Electric Company.”

    And you only need “Free to Be, You and Me” and “Sesame Street” to close it out.

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