100 Boring Videos (call for montage)

Are you really, really bored? No- I mean SUPAH FREAKY bored? Okay then here’s a challenge. Make a montage out of these nearly 100 video replies to my “bore me” challenge (where more than a year ago I invited people to make 30-second videos that reach into their inner bore).

I’ll feature your montage here on the blog and my youtube channel page. It might be funny to select a handful of the best and return to them a few times as you rotate through the rest.

Here’s the collection. Get rippin’ and editing!

I had forgotten about this contest until Chris sent me this YouTube Poop version of my video (youtube poop is when someone mixes up your video to make it even stupider).

Watching Chris’ video made me realize why Starbucks people don’t understand me. My wife sometimes wants half caffeinated and sometimes defaffeinated, and the words started to blend together. So when I say “half caf decaf” I mean “half caffeinated and half decaffeinated, or “50% caffeinated.” Now I realize they’re hearing a contradiction (I want half caffeinated… no, I want defecaffeinated) and they’re seeking clarity. As they pursue clarity about the caffeine I’m too busy thinking about whether I’ve translated the size correctly (Tall/Venti) and trying to remember how many pumps of vanilla and what the french term for hot milk is (latte).

Two years of anxiety ordering my wife’s Starbucks, and now I find out why the whole thing breaks down.

15 Replies to “100 Boring Videos (call for montage)”

  1. I don’t think he ran out of Ambien as much as he forgot to take his Ritalin.

    That was one of the most misspelled and rambling posts you have ever made, Kevin.

  2. “pretty good, not boring at all, should be longer”

    I actually thought it was a little on the long side. But as a mash-up, I thought it was pretty god.

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