Plunging Deeper Into Online Video? Or Do the Day Job?

Speaking of the perpetual conflict between climbing the splintered ladder as a full-time salaried marketer versus plunging deep into the cool ocean of online video…¬†here’s a note from a (successful) friend who suggests consulting full-time with brands in the online-video space. It’s one of those notes you don’t get every day.

I think this is your moment in time. If you chicken out you will regret it for the rest of your miserable, resentful, vodka-besotted life.


I can’t decide which is the angel or the devil on my shoulder, but one of them better shut up because this is getting really, really distracting. And 8/8/8 is exactly two weeks away.

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  1. Okay, despite my poor track record on making major life-changing decisions, I guess I kind of agree with the comedic genius who wrote that line above (which was really funny, actually).

    But the whole debt situation would worry me. I’ve been jobless and in debt (although not to the spectacular heights you have attained), and it ain’t fun.

    Can you wait for that fabulous year-end bonus I’m sure you’ll get? That should pay off your debt right there. And if you don’t get that fabulous year-end bonus, you can always sell Charlie on e-bay.

    I still haven’t slept.

  2. While I think you’d do brilliantly in either situation, you have so much to consider it makes me glad I’m not in your shoes.

  3. Do you not work on Fridays? Because I’ve noticed a trend. You seem to post a lot of blog entries on Fridays. I still haven’t slept. Hank is in the other room screaming “READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!” I have no idea why. It’s been this way all morning,. Although in one interesting development, he did use the word “terrifying” in an appropriate context. Unfortunately that context was him. Hey, you’re a drug making kingpin, maybe you can answer this question. Is it REALLY true that all generics are the same? And don’t give me all that “fair and balanced” FDA bullshit about why you can’t answer my question. After all, you’re thinking of bagging that cushy job of yours anyway. This time I want an answer to my drug question! Okay here’s my drug question. I bought Hank’s ritalin prescription at Safeway this time after always buying it at CVS the other times and lately he’s been acting crazier than normal. Okay it’s not really ritalin it’s methylphenidate, which i think is the same thing. I can’t believe I spelled that without looking at the bottle. Anyway I don’t think it’s working. I’m going back to the CVS yellow pills instead of the Safeway purple safeway pills. I just wrote safeway twice. I think I have the DT’s.

  4. Jump, ya wuss. Self-employment was the single best career move I ever made.

    Not only is your passion for this stuff blatantly apparent, remember, you’re not in this venture alone. You have friends and contacts in the online community who’d be happy to pitch in, partner, and support, not the least of which being myself. A mutual friend has told me ever since you guys were in B-school that if you and I got together we’d make millions. We should sooo explore that.

    Seriously, call me.

  5. …I’d love to tell you to jump, because you totally belong in that cool ocean of video making.

    BUT…I don’t think doing it by 8.8.8 is the right time.

    Your ship will come…and I still need to get paid and stuff. You jump too soon, I’m out of a job, buddy. ;oP

  6. Oh thanks you bunch of sober drivers. I got like one “go for it” to 10 “you’re a moron.” And Sukatra- I’ve heard lucid arguments against generics but it certainly wouldn’t be noticable. But neuro meds are very individualized so Concerta vs Adderal vs generic… the switch is a psych’s call not a pharmacists. The pharmacists sometimes look at price only (and oddly favor lower price even when it’s not in the interest of profitability). Don’t forget some xanax for you. They should sell those together.

  7. Honestly, Kevin, if I were in your shoes I would be very conflicted. On the one hand, you have stability (and benefits; no small thing these days) where you are, versus the thrill of doing what you love for little or no compensation. Some years ago I took the plunge myself, in a way. I left a high-paying, high-stress job and took an almost 50% pay cut to do what I love: teach. It has paid off in the end, as I now have tenure and actually better benefits than before (a better retirement structure also), although I still make quite a bit less than I could be making in the private sector. Long-term gain versus short-term pay, I guess. Plus, my therapy bills are lower. Now, if I could just get up the gumption to get rid of my husband….

  8. Instincts tell ME to tell YOU to go for it. These instincts also told me to rack up several G’s worth of credit card debt to make a feature and a TV show. Damn instincts…

    I say play it safe. Keep building what you’ve started. When the market forces are right (supply/demand, web 2.0, etc. etc.), you’ll be that much closer to an easier/better decision.

    Or not.

  9. I say make the kids get jobs and go for it! I’ll race ya!
    j/k you have to wait because of the economy. Hang in there you could get laid off. Let’s face it, the only businesses that’s booming right now are the repo-man and the drug companies. Extend the jump til after the election and keep the hair

  10. Someone once told me that I was “trying to get to second with my foot still firmly attached to first”. I took it to heart. You can waste your whole life trying to get your ducks in a row for a change. Hmmmm did I write that? jeeze.

  11. Dude even your babysitter is telling you to keep the day job…of course she wants to make sure she can get paid. You know my feelings on the matter.

  12. Well Nalts I have met many self employed people who pulled it off
    with only half your talent experience and dedication. If someone like
    you can’t make it who else can? Get the green light from your wife
    and go for it!

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